Dashboard icon not responding

I have three zwave Embrighton 46202 toggle switches and two zwave Kwikset 916 locks connected to an HE C7 hub. All but one switch and one lock report properly to the dashboard. I have rules set up for both and they all function as programed. Whats not happening is the icon does not change state when the device is commanded to operate. If I manually operate it shows up correctly. I am using the generic zwave driver for each device. Have exclude, factory reset and included again and still have the same issue

Being new to HE, this is not a great way to start off with 3 of 5 devices working as they should. Any suggestions would be appreciated, the lock has me concured since its not confirming the door is locked or not locked.


My guess is that your mesh may not be strong enough to consistantly reach the 2 devices that are having issues (may need to add a couple of repeaters). If you’ve installed the [BETA] A Z-Wave Mesh Tool [C7 and 2.2.4+ Only] posting a screen shot may give us more detail to help you.

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as @thebearmay says, strength may be an issue. I would add in a couple of aeotec 6 or 7 repeaters to your mesh (one fairly close to the lock). Also installing reliable lock app from Hubitat Package Manager will help on top of that. It is not an HE problem, it's a mesh issue....

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I will try that, so the newer light switches that claim to be repeaters do not really work the same way I am guessing. There are two in the same box not more than 15' from the hub and one of them is a problem yet one of the locks is near another switch and 50' away and no issue. Go figure

Thanks for your help

I have a similar situation, and for some reason the two switches never take the same path or utilize one another - one likes to hit a repeater (Ring Gen 2) and the other does a direct connect

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My thought process on mains repeaters like switches is that they never work as strong repeaters because most times they're surrounded by a metal box. (At least that has been what my radio wave testing over the years has shown but others certainly may have a differing opinion). Then you have home conditions to think about such as older homes that use wire mesh on top of lathe, pipes, etc... All are hindrances for signal....

I have 2 Wiser SmarCode and one Kwikset Z-Wave+ locks.
The odd time I have found them not updating my tiles (Tile Master) even though my mesh is strong.
I resorted to pollng the state of the locks every few minutes and that has cleared everything up.

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