Dashboard HTML header Meta Name to match Dashboard name

Can the for Dashboards be changed so that "content" equals the Dashboard assigned name?

I second this request! I was just now trying to add the dashboard name before the "Hubitat Dashboard" text using css and failed.

In case this request is not clear, right now all dashboard tabs in the browser show "Hubitat Dashboard". That is not very user friendly when you have multiple dashboard tabs open...I like to keep open the Thermostat dashboard and the TV dashboard on my desktop PC.

This change would be in the html/head/title on the page, right now it looks like this:

<title>Hubitat Dashboard</title>

Would like to see for my Thermostat dashboard, either



<title>Thermostat Hubitat Dashboard</title>

The dashboard name is in this element:

<span class="dashName flex pr-2">Thermostat </span>

If someone can get this done via CSS that would be a good temporary workaround!