Dashboard Error when Renaming Hub Variables, Tile Disappears, Appears on Reboot but Can't be Removed

I just renamed a variable that was displayed on one of my dashboards, and I received this error:

The variable tile disappeared from my dashboard, but when I went to add new tile it still showed occupying the space where it previously appeared. I tried removing the renamed variable from the app, saving the app, and then opening and adding the variable tile again. It appeared as a variable option to create a tile, but when I tried, it still wouldn't show on the dashboard. I rebooted the hub, after which the tiles with the renamed variable appeared. But now, I have multiple tiles for this variable and they won't delete. I receive the "delete" confirmation, and the dashboard refreshes, but they are still visible.

EDIT: The variable tiles have disappeared again, and I am unable to add the variable tile back. But the dashboard continues to show that the spaces (now 3) are occupied by these invisible tiles. Rebuilding this dashboard from scratch is not an option since it's quite complex and would take me HOURS.

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Brad I've experienced the same thing. The invisible tile cane be navigated to by opening another tile and the using the arrow at the top left of the tile edit box. Once you're on the correct tile, you can delete it

You might wanna try granting access to the "new" variable to the dashboard first.

This is not an ideal situation and we will look into it.

A quick fix to delete the tile is to go to the dashboard settings (gear icon)> Advanced and on the json text look for the colX and rowX for that specific tile and delete it there.

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I renamed 2 global variables that were in use on Dashboard tiles and noticed in the logs an error message. Went wo the Dashboard and those tiles were no longer there, had to create them with the new variable names.

A fix for this is set to be included on the next build

Thanks. But I downloaded the release today, and tried to rename another variable and it broke the dashboard again. Did you mean the next major release?

Yes, it didn't make it on current build it will be on the next hotfix in a couple of days.

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Updated to and tried renaming another variable. Tile remained and variable name updated as expected. Fix looks good. Thank you!

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