Variable rename breaks everything!

Renaming a variable connected device broke everything! Had to reset my hubitat and redo all my rules and apps!

I was able to restore from the last backup... But that duplicated all my devices?!?

Live time developer,

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@dlott2 I just tried it and didn't have an issue myself ( You do realize you could have restored from backup right? I'd also point out that you attract more flies with honey than vinegar..


Gonna guess you spelled the variable name wrong.


@mikes is the winner today.

A live time ago, on a continent fun fun away…

@dlott2 - I agree with some of the suggestions made by @rlithgow1 that you can hopefully recover from your issue by restoring from a backup of your HE hub, taken before you renamed your variable.

I'd add that I am hopeful that you have used some kind of language translation tool to translate your post into English, and that there has been a misinterpretation.... Your comments do come across as quite harsh towards the developers of the Hubitat platform.... I hope that is not your intention. Many people here are willing to help you, but criticising the Hubitat team in this way is not seen as an acceptable way to encourage people to help you with your problem.

I did restore from a backup. Now I have duplicate devices!

I worked all day on a complicated RM program. Had to restart once because it got corrupted and wouldn't load!

I'm sorry for my outburst... I was / am pretty agravated.

That makes no sense you would have duplicate devices. Your whole database would have been replaced unless you somehow had a majorly corrupt database. Did you do just a plain restore or a soft reset?

I have a few of those as well, and have accidentally corrupted some… Not a fun place to be. I now try to split my complicated RMs into multiple smaller ones as much as possible based on recommendations that were made. One day, I will probably bite the bullet and learn groovy for those complex things I want to automate.

Can you post a screen shot to show what you mean? All devices on your device tab are duplicated? Never heard of that before.

Thanks but I have it corrected now.

What I discovered is that when importing or restoring a previously exported RM rule, if there are any variables/devices that don't exist {due to restore of database} that all devices used by the rule will be duplicated.

I suggest throwing an error and not finishing the operation instead of making duplicate devices.

I also determined that in the RM "editor", using "cut and paste" involving conditions, duplicates the condition instead of using the original condition.

I understand how this "could" be useful if one wants to modify the new condition without modifying the original, but it should be an option to copy or reference.


I did not determine why the variable/device rename corrupted my hubitat.
After the restore from an earlier backup, I proceeded very cautiously by creating new variables/devices and replacing them one at a time in dashboards and rules and maker/curl references.


Tagging @bravenel. That does not sound like expected behavior?

This is expected behavior. Import will create devices in the app that are not present. These are virtual devices in so far as it can't create a real physical device.

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I just posted a related bug:

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