Dashboard doesn't work with Microsoft edge browser

Hi all,

i just noticed that the hubitat dashboard doesn't work on the microsoft edge browser. I have three sub dashboards, when i enter the page with the list of dashboards and click one the ones i have created nothing happens.
It works fine on chrome (GA version) and mozilla firefox (developer version).

I usually use firefox so i didn't notice it earlier. I just happened to have an edge window open so went to my hub and found that most things worked in the browser except opening a dashboard.

my edge version is: Version 85.0.564.51 (Official build) (64-bit)
As far as i know i have standard vanilla settings, all default.

perhaps useful for someone to take a peak at when they have a moment.

I use the Microsoft Edge Browser on my Mac exclusively, and I can display all of my dashboards ok.

Tested all my dashboards on Edge and they loaded properly. I have never used edge on this system so it's as plain as it gets.


Were you able to get it working? Dashboard links are working for me.

I haven't read anywhere that this has changed, but Edge isn't supported according to this.

Although it does mention when its out of Beta, it would be.

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That's most likely referring to the old Edge and not the new and shiney ChrEdge

I think we need more information to really troubleshoot this correctly. I don't think it's an issue with Edge, rather something else is happening.

I'm not sure what is going on. I got a hunch that maybe it has something to do with privacy and security. its a company laptop and they configure those settings in the OS image the push to the employees.

I decided to change my privacy settings from balanced to basic (browser settings -> Privacy). Once i did that i could get into the menu.

I then logged out, changed the privacy settings back to balanced and logged in again. I can still access the dashboard.

maybe it had nothing to do with what i changed but right now it is working fine on my laptop. tough that i could not reproduce any better.

Well if you have any further issues post back here and we'll try to help.

I would hope so, but haven't seen any post saying its now supported.

I have been using EDGE/Chromium for the dashboards and has been working fine. It's the same engine that the Chrome browser uses. As to being supported it's not listed but it does work.