Dashboard doesn't work but Google home does!

I just bought the hubitat elevation, and I am starting to build a zigbee mesh
I read a lot of posts on this forum and checked a lot of the docs.
I also had an issue with using the Dashboard app which I solved looking at this thread:

I have now only 2 zigbee outlets on the network, they are the OSRAM SAMRT+
They are recognized as a general zigbee outlet by default but others reported issues with it and suggested to use the IKEA outlet driver and so I did.
One of the two plugs works perfectly well and I can turn it on and off from the dashboard without any issue.
The other one very often gets stuck, I press the command to turn on or off in the dashboard and the icon is stuck with the hourglass symbol but nothing happens.
The strangest this is that I integrated Google Home and through google home I can turn on and off without any issue, and when doing so it fixes the stuck state in the dashboard.

Clearly, there is an issue with the dashboard and not with the device.

Can anyone help with this?
Or is it just a bug with the dashboard app?

Thank you very much

Not an expert here, but I would reset the device and re-discover it being sure to hit the config button before leaving the device page. I suspect Hubitat is waiting for some kind of status report from the device that Google ignores. Sometimes when you leave the device page upon discover the device is not completely set up without pressing config . Good luck

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Sounds to me, from what you describe as symptoms, and with only two devices, that you have a weak Zigbee mesh.

I suggest that the following may be helpful:

Thank you both for the quick reply.

I did reset and re-added the device initially as I thought there was an issue. I will give it another go.

@672southmain if it was a weak zigbee issue, why would Google home always work flawlessly while the dashboard hardly ever works? it doesn't make sense.
And I did read the link you shared before :slight_smile:

Do you think it is still an issue with the mesh?

Might be dashboard refresh rate, press and count.to 10

That’s a new bit of information that wasn’t in your original post. You don’t say what the placement of your Google Home device is, but it doesn’t change my analysis. The Hubitat hubs seem to have weaker antenna gain than other hubs. Also, your Google home device might be better placed than the Hubitat hub is.

I’ve just accepted it and put repeaters (Zigbee and Z-Wave) throughout our home so that everything works. Like you, I have very few Z-Wave devices (12, I believe, and 4 of them are Ring Extender 2 repeaters) and only 1 Zigbee device (plus 2 inner Zigbee plugs, acting solely as repeaters). Everything else is LAN (Hue hub, Lutron hub and repeater, myQ 828LM garage door opener gateway, etc).

Google actually sends the command to the Hubitat hub for execution so it's placement doesn't really matter. Google does not directly "talk to" any end device.


@mark.cockcroft the refresh rate of the dashboard is set to 2 seconds for local and 5 seconds for cloud, and I use it locally. I waited much longer than 10 seconds, more like minutes

@672southmain I don't see any relevance in terms of placement of the google home mini (that's the device I use), since google always goes to the cloud and from the cloud it goes to hubitat which then controls the device, this is what doesn't make sense.

Furthermrore, from the hubitat device page the outlet is almost always responding well, which would again indicate an issue with the dashboard app rather than with hubitat or the mesh.

My error, I apologize. I don’t use Google devices.

no worries, and thank you so much for trying to help :pray:


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