[Dashboard] Default dashboard in app and load "some other dashboard" when no activity

I think that having a default dashboard (especially on the mobile app) would be a nice option to add.

Also having the option that we can go back to a dashboard of our choosing (default or any other selectable in a dropdown)) when no activity has been detected on screen for x seconds would be nice.

So whenever I browse the dashboards on my wall mounted tablet, and navigate to the dashboard for the scenes in the media room, if I stop interacting with the tablet, after x number of seconds, it loads back a specified dashboard (media room main) determined in the options of that dashboard. And scenes dashboard for the living room could revert to the main dashboard of the living room and so on. or if I chose it just stays there and that's it if I chose not to load another dashboard when no activity.

Hope that was clear :upside_down_face:


Agree. I'd use the mobile app more if it would just load my default dashboard on launch and choose local/cloud automatically for me. I don't even mind if it just went to cloud every time. Hopefully they add this in a future request.

On my tablets (android based) I use Fully Kiosk browser and a dashboard link instead of the mobile app. It has a lot of the features you are probably looking for and well worth it. I don't know if there is an iOS version of it though.


I currently have older tablets that don't support Fully Kiosk but do work great for this (I'm testing other kiosk apps), all my dashboards have a button to go back to the previous dashboard at the top but having them go back by themselves would be even better since I'm planning of putting a few others with the main dashboard of the room will have weather info and other stuff that is nice to check out without having to go to the screen whenever the person that last used it forgot to go back to the main room dashboard.

Ahh.. makes sense. I love repurposing old hardware especially when its more than powerful enough to do something as simple as displaying a web page but it drives me nuts when I run into situations like this.

I hope they give the mobile app a bit more love.

If you find another kiosk that works, let me know. I have 2 older Android 4.4 tablets. Dashboards won’t Run under Fully. And the tablets aren’t upgradeable.

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Will do for sure!

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Love this idea. Need a default dashboard on the mobile app!

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Instead of using the app, create a shortcut on your phone to the cloud or local address of the dashboard you want to be default. Or make it a bookmark in your browser.