Additional users to app only

I did a lot of searching but still can't find an answer.

I want my wife (and kids) to have the app on their phone with the ability to set up their own dashboards, not log into mine. I followed the documentation but my wife, with her own log in, sees my dashboards. This has nothing to do with 'privacy', she doesn't want to see my stuff, she wants a simple dashboard with a few device, nothing more.

This would also allow her phone to be used as a presence sensor

Am I missing something?

Anyone with a Portal login that you associate with your hub can see all Dashboards just by how it was designed--you can't selectively choose Dashboards to be visible for particular users. Dashboards don't "belong" to anyone in particular, just the hub.

The easiest thing to do would be just to name a Dashboard for her and tell her which one it is. In the mobile app, you have to click/tap into some Dashboard anyway, so the effort would still be about the same in my opinion.

An alternative is not to use the Hubitat mobile app for Dashboard access. They're just webpages that you can access however you want. To get the URLs, in the child app for your dashboard ("Apps" on the left, then "Hubitat Dashboard"; note that this is not just "Dashboards" on the left), you should have LAN and cloud links for that dashboard. Choose whichever would work best, perhaps cloud if most of this usage would be away from home (LAN would only work if VPNed in when away, probably not practical unless this usage is indeed at home). You can bookmark it in a browser or even put an icon for it on the device's homescreen, which is enough for most people to think it's basically an app.

A second alternative would be to use a different dashboard solution for her. SharpTools is built in. You do have to pay for some premium features (more than one dashboard, for example--but it sounds like that's all you want), and it is cloud-based, but it's natively supported and pretty nice. (There are other community solutions, but none are quite as easy to set up as these two.)

Neither of those two alone would get you presence, so you'd have to still keep the mobile app for that. Alternatively, you could ditch the mobile app and use a different solution for presence. Again, you have many options, but another natively supported one is Life 360. (Again, there are lots of other community solutions, but some require additional components, like HomeBridge.)

Hopefully some of this helps!


Following on, I have a "central' dashboard shortcut which all my dashboards link off, and the wife has her central dashboard which her simpler ones spur off, some are common to both

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Can't be done, you will have to make a Dashboard just for her and when she opens up the app, select that dashboard, you can also have links to other dashboards within the main one for more functionality.

I did a feature request to have a default dashboard load when you start the app, so situations like these cab be easily resolved here...

[Dashboard] Default dashboard in app and load "some other dashboard" when no activity

Adding your support to that thread might get this feature added in a future release.

In chrome, navigate to her central dash using the url mentioned above, click the 3 dots, click "add to home screen". Then you never need to open the app

Also using home screen shortcuts, no address bar for feels more app like, and its doesn't fire up the gps on your phone which the HE app does saving battery

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