Damage free Hue indoor Motion Sensor corner mount

If anyone is looking for a damage free Hue indoor motion sensor corner mout, check this out!

That guy also does Ecobee sensor mounts (I have a few). And some other kinds of mounts. I wanted a damage free way to mount the hue sensor and asked him if he would be interested in taking a swing at it. He did and here is the final product!


Those are pretty neat.

I use these.


The mounts Do also work with the gorilla squares. A bit better than with the command strips actually.

As many threads I've seen lately about 3D printed stuff, it almost sounds like we need a dedicated sub category for custom prints....:slight_smile:


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If it's an outside corner, you can use the included magnet to mount the Hue motion sensor to stick to the metal drywall corner bead. I have several mounted this way.


Thanks for sharing this from way back. I lost my original magnet wall mount, good substitute.

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