Daikin One Integration

I just upgraded my home HVAC system to a Daikin FIT that uses the Daikin One WiFi stat. There is an integration option as it allows for a token to be generated as well as states third party integrations are available using the token. I can't seem to find anything for a Hubitat device integration. Any ideas or guidance would be greatly appreciated. BTW, came from an Ecobee 3 and absolutely loved it.

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I'm in the same boat. I installed mine a few months back. Daikin has an open API but it's way above my paygrade to write a driver. I'd be willing to pay a reasonable fee if someone wanted to write a driver.

Since the Daikin One has an Alexa skill In the meantime I've been using that and some HE virtual switches to at least trigger some presence based settings without everyone having to install the Daikin app on their phone.

Same system here. I've messed with the Daikin API a bit just through postman but I don't know anything about the Hubitat side of things.

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I spent a lot of time reading from this https://github.com/apetrycki/daikinskyport

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If you still need something:


Nice job @thebearmay . Thank you for the hard work you put into this. This was the last piece I needed to get things buttoned up in HE. You're a huge asset to the community and obviously spend many hours helping others.

Thanks again!


This is great! One thing I'd love to see is ThermostatOperatingState so I can automate based on the state of heating/cooling etc. I see you have some of that in there but it wasn't fully implemented. I'm new to this so might give it a try but wondered if you might be working on an update.

I took a crack at this here. See the changes I made here.

I'm not sure why just yet, but my influxdb bridge didn't like that attribute, so I ended up adding another line (not in the pull request) to send the data as a number instead of a string. After doing that, I'm able to display the state in Grafana.

Code not in pull request:


Grafana screenshot:

Last time I played with the code the thermostat never seemed to return equipmentStatus. I did place a version (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thebearmay/hubitat/main/daikin/daikinMasterv003.groovy) that maps the Daikin values to HE standard values if they are returned, if you want to pull it down and replace the current daikenMaster driver.

I added ThermostatOperatingState successfully and now everything reports correctly and my dashboard gets the heating/cooling commands and represents them correctly. I may contribute back soon so it is available.

That would be great if you could

Was looking over your code, not much different than what I put in https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thebearmay/hubitat/main/daikin/daikinMasterv003.groovy a couple weeks ago.

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