Custom rule alerts continue after cancel

I have custom rule setup to alert me when any exterior door is open for 8 minutes. The alert sends a text and flashes a switch. The alert works exactly as expected. However, once I've cancelled the alert in the app, the switch continues to flash. Nothing I've tried makes it stop. I end up needing to reboot the hub.

Appreciate any help

Can you post the rule? No way to really tell what's going on without at least that.

Thanks Ryan, This is the setup I have for the custom rule. Rule works as expected but the Foyer lights continue flashing even after a Cancel the alert in the app. I tried turning the lights on/off (device and manual) and disabling the custom rule. Finally had to reboot Hubitat to make it stop.

You have this is HSM? You have to cancel the alert or it will keep doing that. That's kind of the point. You have to go in and set a device (button or switch) to reset the alert and clear it.

Ryan, he did cancel it, in HSM Custom Rule itself.

@hottamalecafe, what type of light is this? I just tested a custom rule like yours, and it did cancel a flashing light as expected. Could you show me the App Events for this? You go to the App Status page (gear icon next to the app on the Apps page), then click on Events at the top of the page.

The dimmer is a HomeSeer HS-WD100+ setup as a Generic Z-Wave CentralScene Dimmer. The events in the logs are for two alerts 1/19 and 1/16. Experienced the same issue on both alerts.

There is nothing in the HSM app events that would pertain to this (1/9 last entry)
Thanks for your help

There are two ways from the Custom Rule itself to cancel the alert: Disarm it, and Cancel Alert. I just discovered that Cancel Alert is not creating an app event, so it didn't show in these events. But, that doesn't explain why it didn't stop flashing when you hit Cancel. You could test it again and see if disarming the rule stops the flashing. Also, I'm not familiar with this dimmer. I have one type of dimmer that won't stop flashing once it starts until I pull the breaker on it (ouch).

If you have the Custom Rule open when you hit the Cancel Alert button, it should refresh the page and change from displaying Alert, to not displaying Alert. Does it do that?

Thanks for the follow up, I've been testing the device by itself. The behavior is the same. I used the dev device code to add some debug.log lines. Everything in the logs made logical sense. Then realized that the flash code was sending requests 2-3 times faster than the dimmer was processing them. By the time I'd cancel the alert it would have queued a large number of requests (100s I think).
To solve, this I increased the flash interval to 2 seconds.

For dimmers is there a true on/off trigger as opposed to 0%/100%?

Thanks for everyone's help, and for asking the additional alert cancel logging to today's release.

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My custom rules are not generating the cancel alert event, which in turn is incorrectly keeping one of my Alert virtual switches "On" within SharpTools. I was wondering if we could get this bug fixed? FYI - I have RM triggers setup for these events.

Please show me what you are talking about. How are you canceling the alert?

RM will not fire a trigger when I cancel the alert on a custom rule via the web UI.

It WILL fire this trigger when I cancel an alert related to intrusion, smoke and water.

I will investigate.

A custom rule sends a different event: cancelRuleAlerts. This is not currently supported in RM. It will be added.

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Perfect, thanks Bruce!

When do you think this will be released?

Any updates?

It's just been released. Hub Update 2.1.2

Thanks, it works now.