Custom Dashboards Built in HE

I'm completely new to this world. I'm interested and tech oriented but I've never been a programmer. I know very little about coding. I took a CSS class in college but that was nearly 15 years ago and I'm not sure the teacher ever knew what he was doing. I've read a couple of the threads on custom dashboards built with CSS in HE but those topics are usually so in depth I'm lost before I can get started. A member of the FB group shared her dashboard recently built all from CSS in HE. FB_IMG_1606717546691|666x500

I'd love to understand how she built these. Is this unattainable for a noob? Is there something I can use to help me build this? Are there any templates out there that I can use to get started and then build from there?

No templates for this kind of thing as far as I know. I've built my own using html/javascript/css from the ground up using the eventsocket and MakerAPI (documented in this (long but interesting) thread, and more specifically here, and awaiting a fuller write-up when I get the time). I'm also not a full time coder and it's taken ages. Here is where I got started which may help you. But I'd say unless you have time to spare and a good working knowledge of front end design (html/css/javascript etc) then maybe stick with one of the commercially available options or the excellent dashboard options on the forum (eg. Smartly, which helps smarten up the out-of-the-box dashboard or the great Android​ dashboard app here).

I appreciate it. I have looked into Smartly and the app and both are great options. Thanks for the input.

A bunch of those tiles are built with HubiGraph (graph, weather, gauges)