Custom Configuration

I have a Monoprice 15271 Motion Detector that allows me to configure the sensitivity. (See picture below.)

I think the way to do it is:

  • Use the rule engine to create a custom command
  • the custom command would be "configure", parameter 1 - integer - 3, parameter 2 - integer - 1 (Result: configure(3,1))
  • Then I set my device in awake mode
  • Then I use the custom command function to test the command
  • Then I should see some sort of "Configure" event on the devices event page.

Is this right? Or if not, where do I have it wrong?

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That's correct if you wish to do it multiple times...
If the driver resets that value, then yes, having a handy revert would be useful.

It looks more like a parameter that you'd set "once-per-lifetime," and there's a slightly better solution:

The Super basic Z-Wave tool is a device driver you use in place of the real one, change parameters, then swap back to the real driver.

As long as the driver doesn't reset your value when you press Configure on the device page... you're good.

The motion sensors I have (Aeon Multisensor & Dome) have a place to set that in the driver itself.. unless I misread your question/solution.

Question - if I don't see an "event" on the device event page, does that mean it didn't work? Also, if I do it when it is not awake, I would expect to see the state configPending: true, but I do not see that. I DO see retriggerConfig: true

What does this all imply?

I don't know your specific device, so I'm left with just guesses...

The specific spelling of status is inside the driver, maybe it's just a spelling difference?

Everything a driver does is supposed to make a log entry.. but it's (again) up to the driver.

Also the device page might have a log switch.

Unless your driver has a custom command called configure that takes parameters, which none of the built-in drivers do, that's not going to work.

You need to use the App that @csteele suggested.

Hmm - I guess I don't understand it then. The Custom Command code in Rule Machine let's me select "motion detector" and then the only command you can send is "configure" and it allows you to set parameters. And from the above instructions, it seems the motion detector is expecting a configure command with a 3 and a 1.

But that's my guess, and it's clearly not working.

Are you sure that even though the RM is asking for configure parameters, I'd need a custom driver?


Configure is a generic command that allows the developer to put code that should execute when the device is first installed and when the user press the configure button.

It's not a way for the user to explicitly set the configuration parameters of a device.

to amplify @krlaframboise response:

Those selections in the device page usually equate to device Parameters. This is a screen shot of an Aeon MultiSensor 6 screen. It supports and configures Sensitivity.

IF I use the Super basic Z-Wave tool to set sensitivity to 3, then that will work. However, the next time I click Configure on the Device page, the driver will set it to 5.

Thus you need to know if the driver sets the value.. even if it does not offer to adjust it.

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Ok - super helpful! I think I get it now.

Just to close the loop and make this thread complete (and tying in what I learned on another thread), I should:

  1. Install the super basic zwave tool note here
  2. Change my device driver for the motion detector to the zwave tool
  3. Make my changes
  4. Change the device driver back
  5. Cross fingers per @csteele that it doesn't reset on its own!

Test and verify your Super basic Z-Wave tool alteration worked.
Then you can simply click Configure and verify: same (retained Super basic Z-Wave tool ) or reverted.

Now you'll know for the next few years if pushing that config button is "safe" :smiley:


I have this sensor in a mailbox. It triggers only 75% the time. I think I'll do this.

This worked, I'm updating the instructions so there is a complete set

  1. Install the super basic zwave tool note here
    • Install it under "Device Code" in the advanced section (lower left) of the portal navigation. (Not app code.)
  2. Change my device driver for the motion detector to the zwave tool
    • In your device, select the Zwave tool from the Type dropdown
  3. Wake up your device if it is battery powered. (See your instruction manual.)
  4. See the value of the parameter: Get Parameter Report (number = parameter number)
    • See the Logs (past logs) to see the results
  5. Set the parameter: eg: 3, 1, 4
  6. Confirm the parameter has changed (Get Parameter Report)
  7. Change the device driver back
  8. Optional - confirm that "configure" will not reset the parameter
    • Wake the device up again if necessary
    • Push the configure button (in the normal device driver)
    • Reload the Zwave tool and do a parameter report. See if it has reset.
      • if not, you're good.
      • If so, reset it, and then never push the configure button on the normal device driver
    • Reload the normal device driver

If it's a device that sleeps, after pushing configure you have to wake the device up again.