Configure from Rule?

Sent to support@, because I half-suspect the real solution will require a change in the driver, but posting here in case there's a solution or workaround I could get before Monday....

I’m in the process of migrating areas of my house from SmartThings to Hubitat, and my latest device to move is an Aeotec Smart Switch 6. In SmartThings, I was using jbisson’s DTH, which exposed commands to WebCore to switch the device between Momentary, Energy, and Night Light mode. I then used a virtual switch to flip it between Momentary and Night Light. It’s the night light in my son’s room; automations turned it on/off based on a combination of time, mode, and a contact sensor on his door. Via the virtual switch, it could also be voice controlled from phone or Google Home.

Having moved it to Hubitat, it’s supported without a custom driver – yay! I can switch it between Momentary and Night Light from the settings, so that’s a start. However, I can’t seem to change that via Rule Manager. I’m trying to add it as a custom command, and the closest option I see is a “configure()” method, but there’s nothing I can find that tells me what the arguments are to this command.

I can see from Live Logging that it’s flipping “parameterNumber:81” to 2 for Night Light and 1 for Momentary, but configure(81,1) gets a NullPointerException, so that’s not it. Comparing to the ST DTH, I don't think configure() actually does what I want it to do (and this thread suggests the same thing) -- what I need is to send a particular config change to the device.

Is there anything I can do to generate a settings change from Rule Machine, or is this something that has to come from a code change in the driver to expose these as custom commands?

If you used the custom driver, you could use RM to create a custom command for whatever changed the settings. You'd just have to port the driver over, which is easier than you think for most of them. There's a thread with the common changes required for most drivers and it's worked for all the ones I've tried to do and I know next to nothing about groovy.

Good suggestion - it turned out to be a straight find/replace of the first item in that thread to make the driver work. I'd obviously like to see this added to the in-box driver, but this seems like a functional workaround for now.

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