Current Recommend Garage Door Opener/Closer

@ ezeedub

Here are photos:

Above, door is closed, so hinge is vertical, and magnet is near door/window sensor, so it reports "closed". Clear packing tape is my paranoia, as door vibration might shake open the cheap plastic case, and drop the battery down on the paintwork of a 1952 MG TD. Same for the twist-tie wire on the magnet. Yes, it is glued, and it is also a Neodymium magnet (NdFeB), so it has a very tight grip on the steel hinge, but as the Insane Clown Posse sang "Magnets - How do they work?"`

Above is the hinge in the "open" position, which will happen naturally when the door goes up, and along the ceiling, of course.

Pretty basic.

@ mircolino You do not need custom code, all you need to do is to move the wire on the screw terminal between "NC" and "NO", and you will reverse the logic in hardware - "NC" = Normally Closed "NO" = Normally Open. Leave "COM" be, that's the "common", called "ground" where most folks come from.

Yes it should be fine with that. As long as you can stick a sticker to it. You just need reflective tape on there.

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But effective! Thanks for posting. I was imagining the hinge attached to the door frame and the sensor on the door, and was wondering how reliable that would be, but this is much simple (aka better).

I "modified" an ecolink Door & Window sensor, added a mercury switch. Works great.

More expensive but very easy.

Also this using a different Ecolink sensor:

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Well, if you want to know if the door is open even a little, then you must mount the hinge and sensor at the very tip-top of the garage door, so they will travel through the curve of the track when the door is open only a small amount.

My garage door motor has all the safety crap add-ons, so if the door bangs on something, the motor reverses, and opens the door all the way, and blinks its light in alarm, so I have a binary-state garage door. :wink:

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