Currant Smart Outlet

Has anybody done anything with the Currant smart outlet. This outlet does current sensing and does integrate with SmartThings. I am new to Hubitat and would like any help in doing this.

Looks like it is a WiFi outlet. As such, unless Currant has published an API for third-party integrations, it is unlikely there is a simple way to integrate this device directly with Hubitat.

There are many Zigbee smart outlets that can also measure power usage, and are natively supported by Hubitat. Take a looks at the compatible devices list in the Hubitat documentation.

P.S. And welcome to the Hubitat Community!

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Z-Wave too :grin:

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Yes.. I am the resident z-wave fanboy

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My home is Z-wave free at this time, except for a few Iris 3210-L outlet z-wave repeaters (newer firmware only :wink:).

I find Zigbee simpler to set up and easier to maintain. YMMV, of course.

Options are a good thing! :blush:

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