Curious, sypmtoms of bug pre- ? "Fixed Zigbee reset issue."

Release Available
Changes from
Bug Fixes
Fixed Zigbee reset issue.

Anybody know the details or have a referring post?

Edit: for clarity

You mean this:

I think he's wondering (as am I) what the Zigbee Reset Issue was. :slight_smile:

Ah, @gopher.ny is already replying!

We came across this one during internal testing. If you haven't seen it happen, don't worry about it.



Just askin cause I had a boatload of inexplicable Zigbee problems I was associating to problems adding a new device that NO BODY ELSE has problems adding/using a week or so ago and some funky up/down Zigbee stuff was showing in the logs.

If you didn't see the message Zigbee Offline in the message box, this change doesn't have an impact on your hub.

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And indeed, for the first time I ever recall in my HE life, I was getting those messages....all the while I was getting told ADDING THAT DEVICE SHOULD BE A NO BRAIN-ER.

You were getting Zigbee Offline messages? If so, please send me your hub's ID, so I can check to make sure you are not dealing with a hardware malfunction.


You could bring the hub to your local John Deere repair center. They can fix anything.


I've had loads of ZigBee issues recently. Devices not responding. I've changed ZigBee channel multiple times which fixes it for a time.

Glad to see a related fix in this release.

This is not a good practice. Can you answer these questions:

  1. Which 2.4 GHz channels is used by your WiFi system?
  2. Which zigbee channel are you using?
  3. How many mains powered (line-powered) zigbee devices do you have, and how many battery powered?

The first two questions arise out WiFi and Zigbee sharing a common spectrum, with WiFi radios being more powerful by a couple orders of magnitude. So it is important to pick a zigbee channel that is far away from the WiFi channel used by your router(s). This guide from MetaGeek should help:

The third question will help assess the robustness of your zigbee mesh.


And if your neighbors are vey close (multiple-unit dwelling): what 2.4 GHz channels are they using?

(A WiFi Analyzer app will help you find this)


I only changed it because I was having problems. I wonder if it was related to the issue addressed in the firmware fix.

My WiFi is on control channel 3 (but set to auto)
My hubitat is on channel 20
My hue is on channel 25

I've also got a ring alarm system with its own mesh. Not sure what channel that's on

On my hubitat mesh I've got about 6 ZigBee outlets. I think that's all.

Things have been stable recently but would like to ensure I'm following best practices.

Any advice?

Make sure the channel width is 20 MHz and not 40 MHz.

It’s zwave not zigbee.

Could you answer the third question?

It was on 20/40. I've set it to 20. Now the channel is 13. Still on Auto

I've got about 6 ZigBee poweroutlets and that's all on Hubitat for now.

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That’s going to interfere with your Zigbee network. You should set your wifi to fixed if possible according to the Metageek picture @aaiyar posted above.

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So, while I understand this...I don't think I have ever run across this being a "stated in the manual best practice" to avoid Zigbee interference.... and I wonder HOW MANY folks are running the latest and greatest WiFi routers trying to get optimum WiFi speed with the expanded frequency footprint and ending up with compromised Zigbee communications. Nevermind what the neighbors are doing to yah.


Agreed, routers should be limited to channels 1,6, and 11 and 20hz width by default. Not to mention signal strength shouldn't be maxed out by default. Unfortunately getting all your neighbors on the same page is likely a challenge (especially the ones using the default SSID and likely default admin password, LOL).

It’s generally recommended to avoid WiFi interference issues. So makes sense from a zigbee perspective too.

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