Critical Hub Alert - Free Memory -

Starting a new thread because I haven't seen this before on my C-8.

Free Memory dropped this morning to 17. There wasn't really anything going on at the time that would have caused a spike like that and I can't see anything in the logs. I rebooted and everything appears to be back to normal now. The hub did seem to take a longer time than usual to reboot.

It may be unrelated, but I've also noticed that cloud backups have stopped. I have Hub Protect transferred over from my C-5. I have cloud backups scheduled for every 3 days. The last cloud backup was on March 13th. I manually created one this morning and entered a support ticket.

I've been told that the drastic memory drop is due a disk intensive cleanup, but as long as it recovered the memory not harmful. Cloud backups, I was going to say manually taking one usually restarts those, but see you've already done that, so with any luck that should be solved.

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Any idea how long I should wait before rebooting to see if it recovers?

If I'm reading that graph in your post correctly, it looks like it already has.

That was after I rebooted.

Mine recovered in the 9 minute polling interval.

OK. I'll just keep an eye on it then, I guess. Thanks.