Crestron integration


Anyone integrate with Crestron yet? I'm 30 minutes into my hubitat and got my master bedroom lights added in. Now I'd like to tie it into my Crestron system which is also on my network.. can anyone point me in the right direction?

I can do the Crestron programming just need to understand the hubitat side of things.


Anyone? I'm basically looking for a telnet or SSH API?

I want to be able to send and receive commands both ways so I can utilize my Crestron switches and also trigger hubitat devices from my touch panel.


There is no SSH access to the Hub. There is also no SSH client in Hubitat.


I just did see SSH is not in the plans but everything for telnet that I saw was to control other devices from hubitat not the other way around which is why I asked.


Yes. There is no telnet access to the hub either.


Is there any way to communicate with the hub from another device then? As I am sure you understand now I did try to look and just couldn't find anything.

If I can connect through IP then there is no reason I can't hit it from another device that can make a TCP/IP connection


Yes, you can connect through HTTP messaging on port 39501. The data is parsed via the Device Network ID based on the MAC address of the sending device. This is used by integrations of devices based on the ESP8266 devices. You can look at either the Hubduino project or the Sonoff (tasmota) integrations.


That I can do thank you for pointing me in the right direction. This will be very helpful as I would love to use my Crestron system as the master.


FYI this would have been helpful. Hopefully someone else finds use with it.