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This is Part 2 of the Frequently Asked Questions series, covering Technical Questions

Q: When and how do I update my Hub?
A: You can check to see if a new firmware update is available in the Habitat Elevation Web Interface and you can determine if and when you want to upgrade your firmware. Doing so will help you maintain optimal performance of your home automations and enjoy the latest features. We make your Hub better with occasional bug fixes and other improvements to keep your Hub running smoothly. You can find your Hub update using the settings link in your Habitat Elevation Web Interface.

Q: Can I install my own Apps and/or Drivers?
A: Yes, you can write your own Apps and/or Drivers or copy and paste other’s work that is intended for the Hubitat Elevation platform from the Community or other locations. Be aware, we cannot support 3rd party app and drivers but will do our best to help.

Q: What’s your programming language?
A: We support a subset of Groovy that runs in a sandboxed environment.

Q: Do you support any other languages?
A: Not at this point, although it is possible to access your hub locally via a user created App that would create any RESTful connection via OAUTH2 and you can connect up other programming language / code to this for full interactivity.

Q: What type of External Access do you Support?
A: Our Apps allow for REST Endpoints to be created and made available following an OAUTH2 token workflow. External access is available both locally via your local LAN and via our Cloud endpoints that relay the data back to your local hub. Depending on your needs, you may want to choose the local whenever possible to avoid additional latency using the cloud endpoints.

Q: Does Hubitat Elevation have an API for Direct Access?
A: Hubitat Elevation does not offer an API for Direct Access to your devices. However, there are several ways to do this, including creating an App that can create the connection for you to use via OAUTH2 locally or via our cloud services.

Q: Do You Have GitHub.com Integration?
A: Not at this point. We are exploring options to enhance our developer experience.

Q: How Do I Access the Logs?
A: We have a very robust Live Logger available in the Web Interface. This allows you to see what is going on in your system in real time. We also have separate Events sections for your Location, Hub, Device and Apps that can be used to see what has happened as well.

Q: How do I import the automations I wrote for my other automation platforms Hub?
A: Many home automation Hubs don’t offer a way to back up or save your rules/automations. So, while exporting and migrating rules from various platforms is not possible, Hubitat has many built in apps that make recreating rules and automations very easy to set up. Once you’ve done that, Hubitat also allows a DB backup to save all apps and rules.

Q: If I have to replace my Hub, do I lose all my automations?
A: No, you don’t. You can restore from the backup of your database. Remember to back up and download on a regular basis. If you do not back it up, you cannot restore it!

Q: What happens if I need to migrate to a new Hub?
A: Hubitat Elevation makes this process fairly easy by allowing you to restore your backup to a new Hub and just move your USB Radio Stick to the new Hub. All your devices will then work on the new Hub after you restore your database.

Q: How many devices does Hubitat Elevation allow connected to the Hub?
A: We don’t have a preset limit of devices as it depends on the complexity of the devices, type of device and how active they are. Zigbee and Z-Wave networks have specific limitations and considerations to keep in mind when building out your mesh network.

Q: Does Hubitat Elevation support Video Cameras?
A: At this point we don’t have native video capture capabilities.

Q: My device paired up as “Device” what does this mean?
A: Good news, that means the device was able to pair up with Hubitat Elevation, but we were unable to automatically assign it a correct driver. It is possible one of the built in Generic Drivers might still work. You can pick one from the device menu drop down and see if the device response. Contact support or check the community for a driver that might be available. If you find a working driver, please let us know so we can eventually add it to our built in set of drivers.

Q: How can Hubitat Elevation Safety Monitor be used to provide security and peace of mind?
A: You can combine Hubitat Safety Monitor with Presence so that you could receive a text alert or a call (or any number of actions that might be triggered if motion is detected in your home and you are not there at home.


Hi This one is posted twice… feel free to delete this post when you correct :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback. Duplicate removed :smile:


Hello, is there documentation about the hardware that we have? Because i am wondering what’s in the hub (i saw IR, HDMI and some other things) and what the plans are for the future.


The hub hardware is an unbranded x96 Mini11, with the Amlogic2 S905W (a lower-cost variant of the S905X that only does 2160p@30fps instead of 60), in the 1GB DDR3 RAM / 8GB eMMC NAND flash configuration.

From Hubitat Elevation Hub - Home Automation that is local - Connected Things - SmartThings Community


Thanks, that explains the extra IO on the hub. Will they be used in the future?


I’ll check my fortune-telling crystal ball… Says cloudy with a chance of rain. :smiley: Sorry, you’ll just have to wait and see.


Haha well maybe they had plans to use that hardware.


Tbh, I think the device was chosen for cost and availability. The extra I/O are just part of the standard device. It was already asked if enabling the onboard wifi or Bluetooth was being considered and the response was " not at present” or something to that effect.


Noob question here. I have not bought the Hubitat yet and I'm new to Zwave/Zigbee. If I purchase the hub can I then buy any Zwave device? Or any one that's on the compatibility list? I can't find info indicating if I need to have a zwave hub first or if this thing IS a zwave hub.

Hope this is an appropriate topic to ask.
I have some LIFX bulbs and couple of smart plugs and an August lock (all wifi devices) but I'm looking to add some more complicated automation and some light switch replacement hardware and want a platform that'll let me get complicated:)


Yes, Hubitat Elevation IS a Z-Wave hub.

Can you use any Z-Wave device? You can use most popular z-wave devices. There are some oddball ones that are not supported yet, but we are regularly adding more and more, and if we haven't done it, someone in our community has built a driver to support it. The same is true for Zigbee devices.

We have built-in apps, including Rule Machine, that allow you to construct just about any automation you can dream up. Most automations are fairly simple, e.g., if the door opens and it's after sunset and before sunrise, turn on the porch light. Others can become fairly complex -- the limit is your imagination.

As for LIFX, one of our community members has published drivers for LIFX. I don't personally know the answer for August lock, but I know that we don't support it directly.


In addition to Bruce's comments, you should also understand that Zigbee is a global standard, utilizing 2.4GHz RF communications. Z-Wave, on the other hand, uses different frequencies based on the country you live in. So, if you live in the USA, you need to buy Z-Wave devices that are designed for the USA.


I have a HomeKit compatible August Lock. I can control it via Homebridge and the Hubitat (Homebridge) plugin provided by @tonesto7. Once you have Hubitat showing up in HomeKit, you can use HomeKit automations to tie them together. If you're new to home automation, that might be a bit much to bite off at once, but it does work, is really fast and all local.

Here's how it's done. The post refers to how to do this with Insteon, but the concept is the same. Hubitat triggers a virtual switch that is in HomeKit as a switch and a HomeKit automation tells that virtual switch to unlock/lock the door. The switch can be shared with Alexa and you can lock your door with your voice or as part of an Alexa routine, faster than you've ever been able to before.

Recently I added an Insteon contact sensor into that mix that I've never been able to integrate at a usable speed with non-Insteon devices, until now. So if the door isn't closed, the lock automation will not operate. I haven't added a notifcation to close the door all the way yet, but that's simple to do with Hubitat.

I also don't really like the Auto-unlock feature in the August app, because it's so hit and miss. So now I use a combination of iOS location in HomeKit and WiFi presence detection. When I'm within the Geofence, it causes a virtual switch to turn on in Hubitat, that's stage one. When I get really close to my house, my phone joins my WiFi network and that tells my TP-Link Deco M5 to flip a second virtual switch in Hubitat via IFTTT. When both those switches are on, it creates a rule truth, and Hubitat Rule Machine then turns on an Unlock virtual switch for one second, and because that virtual switch is also shared with HomeKit via the aforementioned Homebridge driver, it triggers a HomeKit automation that then unlocks the door.

OneLink Smoke / CO

Thanks for the great info, sorry I'm so slow to get back to this.
I'll pick up a Hubitat and get working on my workflows:)


This looks really promising. Can you now say that the auto-unlock feature is more reliable? Also if I have good reach into the driveway with my WiFi signal do you think I can skip the first 'virtual switch'?

Hmmm, I guess my Eero setup doesn't support IFTTT which stinks! Maybe they'll add it or maybe there's some work-around to trigger Hubitat behavior.


Definitely more consistent. YMMV. I suppose one could take out the geolocation step, but I wanted there to be a safeguard against accidental triggering, for any reason. If any of our phones lost WiFi and joined again, having only that as a trigger would unlock our door. So I don't think it's a good idea. With the additional Geolocation requirement, you must first leave the geofenced area and re-enter before it is enabled, then and only then when the phone joins WiFi, will the second switch enable allow the rule to continue and unlock the door.

Unfortunately no. You should put a bug in their ear, add to these voices. Only supported by Google WiFi, TP-Link, ASUS and Almond at this time, as far as I'm aware


Yes I just added to that exact topic yesterday! (flylow1970)
Your points on geolocation are good, probably worth doing even for any time you might lose wifi in the back yard and the front door unlocks when you come back in.


I’m going follow on from the last question, since I’m not sure where to ask this. I have not yet purchased, but am seriously considering buying. I have reviewed the main website and have attempted looking here on the forum, but haven’t yet found a complete answer in one place to the question of remote access. This may be my own shortcomings, but I need to know clearly what I am getting into. I am currently on Vera.

So here it is...can I control and monitor my home remotely? Can I see if my door is locked and lock/unlock if needed? Can I turn lights one and off? If so, do I need a VPN set up? I see a reference to “dashboard” but there is no video I can find(“coming soon”).

I have other questions also, but this is the one hurdle that I absolutely must get through.


Yes, you can remotely control your home via the Dashboard feature, without a VPN.


Thank you so much ogiewon. A quick look at that thread and it is amazing.