Crashed (auto shutdown?) hub - where to start?

I made lots of changes and added new devices and custom code yesterday and I could see the hub was slower by end of day.

This morning it’s unresponsove so I’ll reboot.

I know that I added Rachio and then have it unplugged awaiting installation, perhaps it’s that. Perhaps my fixing of new IPs for Sonos boxes did it, although I removed that app and reintegrated once the IPs were active on the zoneplayers.

I don’t want to rollback and lose all my tweaks so I guess that eliminating custom devices and apps is the way to go? Are there logs that’ll show anything from the time leading up to the crash?

Any tips?

Sorry to hear about your trouble. Be patient, it does happen once in a while with a lot of changes, I found.
Do you have any custom/user apps or drivers that you recently installed aside from Rachio?

Start by hitting the 8081 URL, you can find more information in the search feature of the forum on that. Failing that, unplug the hub and plug it back in. I wouldn't go for a rollback right away, not unless the problem persists and you first contact support.

Be aware, @bobbyD is out of the office at the moment on personal leave. You may need to be unusually patient. This team is generally extremely responsive.

Good luck!

Hub had just a red LED showing. 8081 not working (obviously).

App Code installed: WATO
Driver Code installed: ApiXU

Will see if it slows again before pulling anything - would that be your recommend @doug?

It’s a bit late now but I think you’ve missed an important step I do when adding devices and Apps to your Hub - Taking Backups.
Not once a week or each day but after a system change, so you can roll back if needs be.
The trick is remembering to take them.
They’re quick and don’t take up much space and could save a lot of grief if the unexpected happens.

What would be awesome would be if the Backups also saved / overwrote the Zwave @ Zigbee device stacks but I don’t believe they do so the so called ‘ghost devices’ could still occur.
But apart from that it made good sense to me to use backups like software “Restore”.
Having to many is not nearly as bad as having too few.

If your LED is red, it is safe to pull the power to restart your hub. Your hub isn't locked up, it's shutdown. A lockup would be an unresponsive hub with a blue LED. Red means it's been shut down.

You can also easily disable apps without actually uninstalling them. I would start there.

In your app list, look at the top right for the X. When you click on it, you will get check boxes to disable apps easily.

Is there a scenario where it shuts itself down?

Does this suggest it was flooded by sonos?

although it was usable after 20:40 last night

I get lots of weird polling and errors from WiFi speakers. I doubt it’s the issue, my unsanctioned opinion however.

One crash is an anomaly. I wouldn’t worry about disabling things until the problem is persistent.

I’ve used WATO with no ill effects.

Yeah, chalk it up to random error unless it happens again. If you were adding a whole bunch of devices and whatnot it might have just need a little "me-time". lol

And don't stress about the system events or location events. Going back 24 hours I have 3,266 location events and 2,199 hub events. 99.99% of which are useless. The hub probably wastes more resources logging all that than any benefit any that useless info has.

This just happened to me last night. No idea what time but after we went to bed and before we woke up. Nothing was working in the morning so was thinking the hub locked up. (I've never had a lockup even before) So I went to try to get to HE and nothing. Walked over to hub and the RED light was on. The hub had shutdown.

Any idea what causes it to actually shut off?

I can't find anything in the logs except for when I pulled the power and plugged it back in. All came back up and working fine.

What does that mean exactly?

Meaning that the hub had shutdown on it's own, not locked up.

Red light was on, not blue.

Gotcha. I wasn't sure what the second "It" was referring to - the red light, the hub, or other.

fixed in my original post, thanks

Hmmm... That is very odd! I've had my hub lockup, but never be powered down...

That's what I thought. I've never even had a lockup before. Which when NOTHING was working this morning when we woke up I expected to find. This was the only thread I could find where it seems it happened to someone else.

It's happened to me, I was told it can happen if it overheats. For me it was overheating due to the hub working to hard on a driver bogging it down from memory :thinking:

Did you get that from support? Because if that is happening I might just contact support to see if something is amiss.