CR2 Batteries

Does anyone have a particular brand of CR2 batteries that they would recommend?

Or any brand to stay away from?

I hate them all, but Panasonic seems to last the longest. Best thing you can do is convert the device to use a power adapter instead whenever possible.

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Been using these with my Iris v2 devices and they are holding well. Some devices are pushing over a year now, on one run.

Enegitech CR2 Battery 3V Lithium 800mAh

Stay away from Amazon brand. I get a year or more on my Panasonics, but the Amazon ones I had to replace after a couple months. I get packs of 6 Panasonic CR-2 batteries on Amazon for $14


Agreed Panasonic black ones work best for me


I've used Panasonic too, but for the price I normally get Titanium Innovations, usually the cheapest brand on Battery Junction, where I prefer to buy my unusual types of batteries. I've had pretty good luck with them (recently replaced an Iris v2 motion battery that lasted over two years!) and doubt the premium for better-known brands would give me much more for the cost.


I had good results with the Amazon Basics CR2s - I last bought two 12-packs in April 2020 for an effective $1.49 per battery. All of those are in Iris v2 sensors at this point, some up to 20 months. The oldest report 78% or 87% remaining. The 12 pack is out of stock at this point, however.

I've since moved onto using EBL rechargeable RCR2. I'm really happy with these and highly recommend them.

(I have about 100 sensors using CR2s)


What he said

I have good results with Amazon Basics AA and AAA batteries, but not their CR123A and CR2 batteries.

Recently bought some devices that require 18650 batteries. Information overload about counterfeit UltraFire batteries. Bought a Fuzion 200 gram scale and an Opus charger/load tester to do some rudimentary comparisons. You would think a CR123A lithium battery would weigh approximately the same no matter the brand. I found a wide range comparing Duracell, Energizer, RayOVac, Panasonic, and Amazon Basics. The Panasonic weighed the most and the Amazon Basics weighed the least. To me, that states there isn’t as much inside the Amazon Basics CR123A compared to the Panasonic. This is true for 18650 batteries.

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I've been using these with great success...


I also use the EBL rechargables for about 3 years. I have tested them on several advanced chargers and the capacity is legit. Low traffic areas I get 9-10 months, high traffic, about 6 months. They are rated 3.7V but the iris and sansung sensors don't mind the .5V extra. They have already paid for themselves.


I've been using these which was the cheapest I've found, when ordering multiple lots of 10.

However it's time I ordered more and because of this thread I looked when the last time I rodered these which was almost exactly a year ago. Therefore I think this go at it I will swich to try out using rechargeables instead.

I get my batteries from in bulk. They usually have the best prices and selection. I agree that the Panasonic batteries seem the best but I have used some of the off brands too.

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I just started using the Titanium Innovations brand from Battery Junction, and so far so good! I order Energizer Lithiums from them as well. Typically good pricing and availability!


Or same...bulk supplier of fresh batteries and a whole lot more.

Panasonic comes up frequently, not by happenstance but by people's experience with the outcome of their Quality goals.

For those of you that are Canadian, I recommend

Just go with rechargeable CR2s (like the ones by EBL), if they work in your devices.

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Makes sense. I immediately noticed the difference in feel. I was replacing Panasonic with Amazon basics CR-2s. I ended up removing all of the Amazon Basics and putting Panasonic back in since most of my sensors take CR-2. I don’t want to be chasing down dead batteries a couple months after replacing them. The levels dropped to 87% in all of them within a couple days, then 75% within a couple weeks.
I’ll have to check out the EBL rechargeable batteries suggested.

Not that it matters as I won't ever be buying more disposable CR2s, but the comments made me want to test.

I don't have any Panasonic CR2s, but my Basics ones seem to weigh the most.

I have these 3 batteries:
top is a CR2 that came originally in an Iris v2 contact (sensor installed May 2020),
left a Tenergy purchased from Amazon in March 2016 (in use since March 2020)
right an Amazon basics purchased in April 2020 (installed April 2020)

As you can see, two weigh 11g and the Basics one is 12g.

FWIW, this Amazon Basics CR2 is from the other window in my RCR2 test (mentioned in the rechargeable thread). It reads 78%. It's been in place since April 2020.

Edit: for completeness, I measured it. the EBL rechargeable is 12g.

Edit: I noticed I've got to clean that scale.

New ones are different so the ones you have aren’t what they’re currently shipping.

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