Costco Honeywell Z-Wave Smart Light Switch, 2-pack

FYI that Costco is selling the Model#47677 online now for $52.99 for 2.


I don't believe that these are Z-wave plus. Given the price of Z-wave plus models is just about the same, I would not recommend these. They will have to be polled in order to track on-device changes.

They are Z-wave plus. 47677 is just the product number for the 2-pack. Each of the switches is a ZW4005/39348, which is certified as z-wave plus.

Like you, I still wouldn't get them. Zooz has more feature-rich switches available at about the same price.


I half-ass googled this without finding model 47677. If you zoom in on the picture it has "ZW4003" in the top left corner below the Honeywell logo.

What does it mean that so many of these products are [some manufacturer model/ZW4003 in the product identifier? Does that mean they all implement the same minimum feature set? If so, they may be Z-Wave+ based on that Z-Wave Alliance serach.

Ah, I see my eyes are bad. ZW4005. Roger that.

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Close. its ZW4005 - my magnifying class is better than yours :joy:

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Their own page doesn't list it as z-wave plus and it doesn't carry the z-wave plug logo.

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Scroll through the image carousel on your link and you will eventually find a picture of the back of the switches. The plus logo is there. Maybe Honeywell as a company doesn't understand the importance that being plus is and just omitted it from their specs page by default.


Also in addition to what @codahq pointed out, there's "zwave switch" v/s "zwave smart switch" - Jasco badges their z-wave+ line as "smart". Seems to have carried over to HE drivers.

I like zooz myself but actually there's an advantage to the name brands. I've come to find out in areas with stricter electrical codes such as ours anything but Jasco/Leviton switches won't pass home inspections. Often times the inspectors won't sign off on it.

Where do you live?

Edit: Zooz switches are UL listed. So they are NEC compliant.

Northern CA. I know a few electricians that have had a hard time explaining to regular inspectors that Zooz/Inovelli stuff is just fine lol

I know a few people that have a hard time explaining to people in CA that breathing oxygen is okay. (Everybody who has breathed oxygen is known to have died! Every cancer patient breathed oxygen!) There is a lot of process, clout, overhead and attitude that CA knows better. "This product contains chemicals known to the State of California...", ROHS, insurance laws, etc. I got pretty sick of coding around the regulations of CA state law in my previous job.