Cosmetic (?) problem on new app

Did the new app ever get announced formally? I only knew about it from spotting some feedback posts here!

Ok I have one small possible problem to report although I doubt it will stop me being able to use it. The "on" and "off" are cut off by the curve of the cards.

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New Android app was announced about a week ago.

New version of iOS app has been available for about a month.

Both are still in beta.


Current app is in public preview. It is not a finished product and has not been officially launched, though as @marktheknife mentioned above, it has been announced in the community for those who'd like to try it out ahead of public release.

Thanks for your feedback, as always :+1:


Ugh! Brain problem - for some reason it didn't occur to me beta announcements for the mobile app would be in a different place than for the main betas. Now I know!


It's kind of confusing, no doubt. Platform beta is closed, while mobile beta is open due to the nature of the enrollment, both iOS and Android enrollments are done on their respective stores.

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The update to 214 has fixed this display issue for me, thank you