Cool Zigbee Devices

Coming off a bad relationship with Vera and need some cool Zigbee toys to play with. Have't used Zigbee before and I need to check it out.
Any recommendations?

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It's not necessary "cool," but if you do motion lighting automations, any Zigbee motion sensor (check the compatibility list; there are many, but the SmartThings or Lightify motion sensors are often cheap and easily available) is much faster than nearly any Z-Wave motion sensor. Having your lights turn on in a reasonable amount of time is pretty cool, though. :slight_smile:


I will second that!! The very first motion sensor I bought when I was on ST was a Z-wave from Dome. The thing truly is a PITA. After installing it, I asked, "Is this what people are doing? Waiting 5 seconds for their lights to come on? This isn't like I imagined it at all!" Then I got an Iris v2. Well, my eyes were opened! Never turned back. Only have z-wave now when I "have" to (i.e. Aeotec Doorbell 6). :slight_smile:

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Personally I'm loving the various Xiaomi zigbee devices. They are cheap from AliExpress and to be very robust in operation and seem to stay nicely connected in my setup (your and other's experience may vary). I'm using their motion sensors, buttons, cube (very cool device), fire alarm, temperature sensors (simply thrown into the fridge and the freezer and still working after 3 months despite the battery showing negative values lol), water/leak sensors are on order. And these all running on fantastic community drivers! I'm also liking my Gledopto zigbee lamps.

Hope you enjoy building out your zigbee mesh with cool devices!

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The xiaomi sensors are so small and unobtrusive that I can't find where the heck I put the one in my office. It's giving good data, but I would like to change the battery! You can get 4 for $30 and I find them really reliable and useful.

Would really, really like to have a zigbee hard wired outlet...where both outlets are controlled by the relay.

:+1:t2: For all the recommendations here, but I suggest don’t get too hung up on the protocol. If it’s a cool device, meets your needs perfectly and is said to be reliable, then go for it!

I prefer Zigbee and Insteon, but that doesn’t stop me from buying a Z-Wave devices that do what I want, have a useable driver, and are recommended by the community. I’ll give you a few examples, and they’re both Z-Wave just to illustrate that I care about the device, not the protocol (WiFi is an exception. I do try to avoid Wi-Fi device and keep them to a minimum where possible).

Aeon Home Energy Monitor - A great non-invasive way to get status of non-smart, high current draw or 220v devices like Ovens, Dryers, Microwaves, etc. I have one that gives notifications when my Washer (220V) is finished. I use the second CT clamp for my Microwave since it’s a separate circuit. Combined with a contact sensor, I can remind us that the microwave cycle is complete, and we should remove our food.

HomeSeer HS-FS100-L

If your washer is a high efficiency AND a 220v unit like mine, it can be problematic to determine when it’s running or idle based solely on its current draw. Delays before notification can help but it’s not perfect. The HomeSeer HS-FS100-L can determine if an appliance is running by its indicator light. This is a very unique device, and like the HEM, there is no Zigbee equivalent.

So this isn’t an argument for Insteon, Zigbee or Z-Wave, but rather a suggestion to find the best for what you need.

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Seconding the Xiaomi Cube. Still going to use that for my pizza-ordering dice idea. :slight_smile:

I'm also tempted to get one of these, although I'd need to write a driver for it, and I'm not as pressed to do that now that I got the ZWN-SC7 driver written:

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The Xiaomi cube looks interesting. I was looking for something unique to Zigbee that Z Wave doesn't offer. I did try a Z Wave door lock that ended in the trash after 6 months. It looks like door locks do better with Zigbee, might want to try them. I have a great Z wave mesh so I need to think about developing my Zigbee mesh as I add to it.

Not to get off-topic: Mind if I ask what lock you had? Anecdotally, I've had nothing but good vibes from my Z-Wave locks :slight_smile:

Something like the energy monitor can also useful for automations, such as working around the your loved one's love for tripping breakers by using their hair dryer on the wrong circuit. You can automatically turn off an appliance such as an air conditioner then automatically turn it back on after the hair dryer is turned off for a period of time. You know, hypothetically.


Yep, great example! I'm using it to track the microwave door left open (a pet peeve of mine) because, for reasons of practicality and a fear of damaging the control board of a perfectly good microwave, I have a installed a contact sensor that triggers off of my microwave light coming on when the door is opened, not a magnet separating. This by itself cannot determine what state the door is in, because obviously the light also comes on when the microwave is running. However, combine the two events, and we have a much fuller picture of what state our microwave is in.

Sort of disagree on the idea of NOT getting hung up on protocol.

I say this because as I move further in this, I am finding a couple of 'trends'. Zwave I would say generally is more expensive in the area of sensors and smaller devices. The inexpensive motions and contact sensors seem to often be Zigbee... which is fine However, these are mostly battery devices.

The result is that if you have most of your main/hardwired devices in Zwave, and want to add simple sensors that end up being Zigbee.. you may not have much of a Zigbee mesh to work with.

Would be wise to keep this in mind as you build out your different elements and perhaps where possible put in a few Zigbee mains devices to act as repeaters and build out the mesh.

This is something I am running into now as I move from just Voice Control to true self contained condition & trigger automatons requiring sensors.

Absolutely. Good point on the mesh and I would strongly suggest that if you have not already reviewed these documents, it will help you gather some knowledge that will help make the process a lot easier.

However, I will say that I'm not sure what you are disagreeing with though.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If you add adequate repeaters for each protocol (where needed) then you don't have to worry about what protocol you use. They both have strengths and weaknesses, you just need to build out the mesh properly.
Z-wave is definitely not mains powered only, or leaning. There are many battery powered Z-Wave devices, so if you're adding a lot of Z-Wave battery devices, then for sure you better have good repeaters in place. Same with Zigbee though. Insteon in my case, is the exception, but that's a completely different discussion. :grin:

Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built-In Alarm, Satin Nickel, BE469 CAM 619
Absolute pos

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Yale YRD256 Z-Wave Plus - Excellent lock.

When I fist got it I was doing some Z-Wave testing and I joined and excluded that lock MANY times. It never missed a beat. I've had it for almost a year and it's never failed to perform.

A must for routing and mapping your Zigbee network

BE468 (Zigbee version) = no built in alarm but works 100%

Check out this one (not zigbee) thou, but it super cool two in one device, the pir also doubles as AC always on motion sensor and instant 0 delay on light with occupancy mode. There is a dimmer version as well:

But as you said, it's not zigbee....