Conversion from WebCore / Keen Vent Room Temperature Balancing


Are there any apps that use Keen vents to balance room temperatures?

On ST I have a custom WebCore piston that uses my Ecobee sensor temps, the HVAC run status, and HVAC mode to adjust my Keen vent positions to balance temperature in a few rooms.

I'm hoping I can replicate this in RM, but we'll see...

It uses a number of variables and math to determine things such as which room is hottest when AC is running / which room is coldest when heat is running to determine which vent should be 100% open and which one gets throttled. I just don't see how I will replicate that in RM, but I haven't sat down and started working on it yet - I might be able to do it with a bunch of rules combined if I break it into pieces.

Before I start on that complicated conversion, I thought I would ask if there are any other alternatives.


I don't have an ecobee, but this does work with my nest. I'll help where I can.


I’m confused. I thought this is what Keen Vents were all about? Don’t they each have temperature measurement in the vent and they balance room temp themselves by adjusting flow?


Not really. They do have a sensor in the vent, but that isn't really that useful - it just reads the air temp going through the vent, not the room temp.

And by itself it would have no way of knowing what the temp in a completely different room is either.

In the end, the webcore piston I made isn't THAT complicated, so hopefully I'll be able to replicate it in RM. Room Manager can kind of do it, too... But not quite the way I want it to.


I will check that out! Thanks!