Controlling Zigbee Lights with Pico Remote via Lutron Pro Bridge

I have a few pico Remotes and a Pro Bridge as part of my previous system...

Yes, guilty as charged - Wink to Smartthings to Hubitat...I feel like i am finally home!

LOL. Same path as you.

You need to install the button controller app as @Eric.C.Miller described.


SmartHomePrimer makes a good point - do you have a Lutron Connected Bulb Remote or did you get a "real" Pico? The LCBR won't work.

So, if you have a "real" Pico, the Button Controller will allow you to make that a 5 Button Controller with specific actions you can program for each of the buttons.

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There is even documentation!


Not there yet. He's on day two :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes, it is a Pico Remote, not the LCBR - I have the Picos and the Pro Bridge.

I installed the button controller app and have gotten on and off working fine...Struggling a little on Dimming up and down.

Honestly, I don't know how to do that. I have almost all my Picos associated with Lutron dimmers so they work just like the dimmer (this doesn't require Hubitat at all).

It's in the doc.

Held for start raising (the up button), and Released for the stop changing action.
Held for start lowering (the down button), and Released again for the stop changing action.

Make sure you don't have it configured as Fast Pico, otherwise you don't get the Held action you need for that.


I assume that you are intending for me to make these changes inside of the device (Kitchen Pico Remote)

Sorry to be dense and I did look at the Documentation and still am not getting it.

No, you do in in the Button Controller app. Did you install it? They're in the hub platform, but you install the apps you want to use. They don't give you everything to start.

Yes, I have the app installed - I have buttons 1 and 5 as on and off - want two to be raise and 4 to be lower

Just not seeing the hold and release activities?

The device page nice for seeing current states (not really all that interesting for buttons, though), but as mentioned above, you'll need to use an app to create automations. But I can see from that page that you're using the "regular" Pico driver instead of the "fast" Pico driver, so you'll want to make sure to switch that so you get the pushed event instantly and the released event when expected--assuming you want to use the device in the fairly intuitive manner where you can dim while holding the button. I'd switch the driver there and also go into your Lutron integration app and change it so they match (less confusion), but only the driver here really matters.

EDIT: And this explains what you posted right above as I was typing, too. :slight_smile: Nevermind, I always forget that the "regular" Pico driver still sends "released" events...

Ok...SmartHomePrimer had suggested NOT to use the fast as it would impact the hold ability.

If I change the driver to fast i will get one dim or increase per button push? Would be nice to push and hold button two for up and push and hold button 4 for down.

It's under Set Dimmers

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I must be not doing it correctly - I have button 4 set to Set Dimmers - Start Lowering

kitchen is a group that I set up - 5 individual zigbee smart bulbs.

Oops, sorry, I read that the other way (but you're right) and normally recommend it that way myself, but whatever works for you! One will give you pushed, held, and released events (the "regular" Pico drover), the other pushed and released (the "fast" Pico driver); the latter generates the "pushed" event as soon as you press the button, so I like it for dimming lights when the Pico buttons are held ("Start lowering..." on push, "Stop raising/lowering..." on release; but the regular driver would also work if you do "Start lowering..." on hold instead, freeing up "pushed" to do a specified percent increase/decrease or whatever else you want).

I probably just made this more confusing. :laughing:

Regarding your rule, I see that you're using a group. Hubitat groups don't support "Start Level Change" and "Stop Level Change," which are the underlying device commands these Rule Machine actions call. You can check this on the device page for the device, in this case the group: you should see "Start Level Change" and "Stop Level Change" buttons at the top under "Commands," where all the device's commands are listed. One thing you can do instead is use individual bulbs instead (again assuming they support these--and that they work--but most built-in drivers should do this), though staff have mentioned that they might add this to groups in the future. This is likely your problem; logs may give you a better idea (you'll probably see an error about a missing command when you try).


Just to complicate things a bit more for a new user :smile: , I am going to suggest you try the community based Advanced Button Controller app. It is a much nicer and cleaner (in my opinion) way to handle buttons.

It won't necessarily do more than the stock app can, but it sure is easier to work with.

With all of the helpful information provided by the fine folks in this thread, I am up and running!

WOW the help in the community and the capabilities of the Hub coupled with the apps makes this a GREAT move from Wink and Smartthings.

I won’t be looking back!