Controlling Kevo Convert with a Keypad

Long story short, used to have an August smart lock pro that I could open with my xfinity keypad by punching in a code. Somehow after an update, that functionality was removed. Switched that to a Kevo Convert and I'm still unable to control it with that same keypad.

I created a rule that when entering that code in the keypad it would unlock the door. But it seems that is not carrying through, most likely doing something wrong. But how would you guys set a rule for it to work? I'll try and post a screenshot of the rule I have when I go back home but any ideas are appreciated.

Welcome to Hubitat!! What kind of keypad and what driver are you using for it?

Its an xfinity z-wave keypad, using the included centralite keypad driver. Tried to link an image but it wouldn't let me.

Do you mean Xfinity Zigbee keypad? Centralite devices are zigbee, not z-wave.

What do you have the rule triggering off of to unlock the door? You can't post a screenshot yet but you can try and write out what your rule contains maybe we can figure it out. If not, you might have to wait till you can upload images.

Yeah, zigbee then if there's only one option.

IIRC, it's goes something like: "when code entered on keypad, then unlock kevo convert."

I have added the code as a keypad code and also set it to the kevo convert (will try again this last one). The keypad recognizes the code entered but does not actuate the lock.

Wait...does how are you connecting to the Kevo? They are bluetooth aren't they?

It's z-wave.

Really? Because on the Kevo website:


And from the amazon listing for the devive:

I think you're mistaken.

Search for Kevo Convert Z-wave Smart Lock. I'd post a link, but I can't XD

Okay...that's a little odd that it didn't show up on the Kevo website.

So, figuring out the problem is first whether the lock is able to receive the unlock command or not from the device edit page. Are you able to manually unlock the lock there?

Yes, it works just fine through the device page. I even have a rule to auto lock after the door has been closed for 10min and it never fails to execute (even if the lock is already locked, still need to figure that part out). It's just that I can't seem to get my keypad rule to work.

If it is already locked, how do you know it's working. Also, locking isn't the same as unlocking. You are able to go to the edit device page and unlock the lock there?

I'm a little surprised that works because this lock doesn't have a keypad but all of the Kwikset locks on the supported device page do. What driver is the device using?

For some reason the motor on the lock will still try to activate despite it being locked. I have the option to unlock and lock in the device page, and both do what they're supposed to.

This lock is a conversion kit, so it works with your existing deadbolt hardware so there is no keypad on the exterior. It seems to be using the generic z-wave lock driver. Thanks for helping me with this by the way, I appreciate it.

No problem...and I understand the hardware, that's why I'm confused why it works. Do you have the option to enter keypad codes in the driver? Also, FYI, this lock isn't on the supported devices list.

But if you're able to control from the edit device page, you should be able to get it to work from a rule. To see what's going on I'd need to see logs with the debug logging turned on for both devices and the rule you are trying to use. That would be the fasted way to see what is going on.

Ok, thank you! I will try to get that info tonight. The device page does allow me to add codes to the lock, so been playing around with that but could not get it to work. Will see what I can find from getting the logs for you.

Yeah...because it doesn't have a keypad. So, you shouldn't be able to add "codes" to it. You can't enter the codes anywhere to unlock the lock. :wink:

I would have stayed with the August smart lock but they nerfed it and could not control it with the keypad anymore and it became a nuisance as it would also not unlock reliably through bluetooth. I used to have it working with Smartthings so I imagined it would have been just as easy with Hubitat (to which I moved a couple weeks ago) :slight_smile:

Ok,, finally got around to posting this, logs of the rule running and picture of the rule.
ht tps:// imgur. com/a/ hVw 5Esu

Had to post spaced link but just take out the spaces :slight_smile:

why can't you just post the regular link?