Controlling Humidity in a Room - feedback requested

I'm trying to get a rule that will control the Humidifier in a room based on an Aeon Multisensor 6 and a simple humidifier plugged into a peanut plug.

The following are my requirements for this rule:
I want the humidity to be 50-55% in the room while the person is sleeping, generally. It's a kid's bedroom, so they may be sleeping in there any time on the weekend, but only in the evening during the week.

I tried adding some error handling to keep from repeated signals being triggered (like sending the "turn on" signal repeatedly when the plug is already on).

I would like to know what you think of this and if there are any more efficient ways I could achieve the desired result.


I have one of the sensors - I don't use it for humidity but I looked at my logs and it appears to only report humidity once an hour using the built-in driver. I haven't tried the community driver. I was wondering if once an hour would work for you.

That's a great point. For me, it appears to report the humidity at each whole number change, which in my testing was as soon as every 5 minutes, and as soon as 1 minute later. I'm using the built-in driver for the sensor, but a community driver for the peanut plug.

Is it possible that it reports at minimum 1 hour if no change and earlier with change? I'll look in the documentation for it to see. I certainly just kind of hooked it up, but I really should confirm the reporting expectation. This is what my logs looks like for Humidity:

No comment on the humidity sensor; I use Konke sensors and they seem to update very frequently.

Anyway, I think a Rule like this should work for your needs:


Humidity of Humidity-sensor *changed*


IF ( Humidity of Humidity-Sensor is <= 55  AND 
Humidity of Humidity-Sensor is >= 51 ) THEN
	Exit Rule
ELSE-IF ( ( Day in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday AND  Time between Sunset and Sunrise ) 
		XOR Day in Saturday, Sunday ) THEN
	IF (Humidity of Humidity-Sensor is <= 55 THEN
		On: Humidifier switch
		Off: Humidifier switch
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Consider the following app: