Controlling Devices Endpoint?

Has anyone been able to pot an app that allows one to control a device from outside hubitat? If so, would you be willing to share the code and examples on how to use it?

There are multiple examples already shared throughout this forum. It would be helpful if you could explain exactly what you're trying to do? If simple remote control via a web browser is what you're after, many users have successfully modified their old copies of the SmartTiles App and have gotten it to run on Hubitat.

There is also an integration between SmartThings and Hubitat by @krlaframboise that allows SmartThings to control Hubitat devices.

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I want to control hubitat device from webcore for more complex automations. I have my devices from Hubitat synced with smartthings, but that only updates the virtual device on smartThings. I'd like to be able to trigger that virtual switch and have it tricker the actual swtich in hubitat. To do that I was going to have WebCore send send an http call.

Once I become more familiar with rule machine I can switch them over, but for now I need a quick fix. Basically I am using smartThings for everything cloud based.

I am already using other hub integration and it's not controlling my devices. That state never changes when triggered from smartThings

Just install webcore on Hubitat then? It’s been ported over.

This means something is not configured correctly. This definitely works, as I can fire up the ST App on my phone and adjust light switches and dimmer levels from ST, and have those Hubitat devices change within a second or so.

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It's been ported over? I can't find the post with the repo

It is not a full port, as not every feature of webCoRE has been tested/debugged.

If you want a good, solid, supported rules engine for Hubitat, just use Rule Machine.

It's hard to go back to Rule Machine once on webcore. It's not the functionality so much as the interface.

Ha! I forgot to check switch under real time event. It's working as expected now.

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Not sure if appropriate but to tag onto this I am looking to port over NodeProxy and use the Amazon Dash Button plugin. After some small edits to the app definition, I have it up and running; however, I’m unable to get it to acknowledge the requests from Node-Proxy.

This is the code that essentially attempt to contact Hubitat and let it know that a button has been triggered:

  var opts = {
    method: 'NOTIFY',
    host: nconf.get('notify:address'),
    port: nconf.get('notify:port'),
    path: '/notify',
    headers: {
      'CONTENT-TYPE': 'application/json',
      'CONTENT-LENGTH': Buffer.byteLength(data),
      'stnp-plugin': plugin

I have it pointing to HUBITAT_IP:39501 and it doesn’t error out on the Node side, but nothing is received on the Hubitat side… I imagine this is similar to the ST_Anything code but haven’t been able to track the two down…

@lehighkid, do you get Node Proxy working? I'd like to get it up and running, I'm trying to get the generic plugin working first, but I get an error in the app in the addChildDevices function. It looks like you've got a bit further; would you be willing to share your code?