Control Alexa linked devices from Hubitat?


is it possible to control alexa connected devices (usually wifi apps like TPLINK kasa stuffs) ..

I've successfully integrated alexa to Hub, but it seems to serve the purpose of alexa able to control devices connected to the hub.

I wanted it the other way around so i can add these wifi devices on my dash board. possible?

With limitations, yes.

  1. Create a Hubitat virtual motion or virtual contact sensor. Expose it to Alexa (i.e add it to the Amazon Alexa Skill).
  2. Create Alexa routines that control the Alexa-controlled device of your choice using the state of the Hubitat virtual device as trigger (contact open/closed, motion active/inactive).
  3. Use Hubitat automations to control the state of the virtual device.

Kasa devices are a special case. @djgutheinz has written a TP-Link integration for Hubitat that permits these devices to be controlled locally. I would recommend you use it.

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I see ... while the procedure is complex with routines affecting routines, im just glad hubitat is flexible enuf to achieve this stuff w/ workarounds. Good good.

Thanks man

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For your Kasa stuff, you should at least take a look at this integration - it provides local Hubitat control:

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