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Is there an email or phone number to get in touch with Hubitat? I fail to find any reference on the web or in the apps.

Specifically I want to subscribe to Hub Protection. But it automatically lists a credird card I do not wish to use

To get in touch with support for subscription related questions, please visit the following page:

But since I have seen your post here, you could send me a private message and I'll take a look at your issue.


Thanks bobbyD. Actually my problem is as stated above. I see no way to interact with my account i.e. Name, Email, Phone, CC information and so on. I need a way to look at and change the information. If there are critical details in getting details, let me know and I will be happy to PM. But for now all I need is a way to get there... Thanks Bob

Check out this document it shows how to cancel the service but also how to access your services and manage payments: How to cancel subscription services - Hubitat Documentation

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Thanks again. Gotta go for now but will look at it tomorrow

How about if we want to change contact details like email?

It should be the same as the Hubitat account email that you log into

Ah ok so it's all there just scattered about a bit :slight_smile: Probably more secure like that too

What do you mean?

I was thinking through the OP's eyes in their second post in this thread as in on other types of sites like social media and shopping sites it's all under "Account Details" and a big page of name, address, phone number etc is there to edit

We don't retain that kind of information. We don't need to call you, nor do we sell our users' info, so why should we save it? :wink: We ask users to provide that information on "need to know" basis (for shipping hubs).

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Yeah I think that's the right idea. Especially with smart home systems - if anyone did manage to hack into our systems and notice things seemed a bit quiet, we'd not want our physical address easy to check too :smiley:



This is what I get when following your instructions using my C7 with version

That's odd. Here is a summary of what's important in that document:

Log into

Select Subscriptions

Select Manage Payments:

Sorry bobbyD my screens look nothing like yours. Are you using the same version as I am. C7 ver
I can see nothing about my personal information at all. Name, Rank Serial No. etc. I can see no place to add a different type of payment CC, PP, GP etc. or what ever you take.

It would appear that HE does does not want contributions to its coffers

Clicking that comes up with this

After clicking in the upper right "Manage Payments"

After clicking "Add Payment Method" NOTE: Only lets you add CC, but no other forms of payment

From the previous Screen "Payment Methods" clicking "Add cloud backup, migration and remote admin to your hub" comes to this

Clicking on "Hub Protection Plan reveals this" after aa short stop for an info screen < removed by staff because it reveals personal information >.

Thanks for the update. I removed your last screenshot because it revealed personal hub details. Based on the details provided, you do not have a subscription, thus we do not have any personal information about you. The only method of payment that can be used currently, is a debit/credit card. What method of payment would you like to use?


I have registered by hub. I must have bought something in the past from HE because in the screen shot you deleted and the part of the screen that I did not include had my CC#, Expiry Date, and CVC# pre populated. It would appear that I am in the system some how.

Thanks for removing the SS. I do see that now see the hub info until now. I was concentrating on my CC info. The new order screen allows PayPal.

PayPal is not supported (but you can use the debit/credit card that PayPal issues with their account). Based on the screenshots you shared, we have no payment on file. Are you sure is not the browser that populates the fields? Or maybe you have a different account that you are logging into, that is not the same as the one you took the above screenshots from?


I think if it were the browser I would be able to change the info. As it is, it is pre popped and greyed out but still viewable.

I change my message to include a screen shot showing PP acceptance.

That screen is to purchase a new device (hub). At least I don't see anything other than a credit card as a choice for a Hub Protect or Remote Admin subscription.