Contact sensors state not updating

Is anyone seeing the states of devices not updating properly since the last two hub updates? I have a MIMOlite and it is functioning correctly but the state of the input contact does not get updated.

Mimolite is z-wave non-plus if I remember right, it probably needs polling.

Correct, not plus. It actually worked for a time just fine without needing polling. I could watch it change state in the driver view and I have notifications and rules set for it that worked just fine. Now it doesn't report even when polling. Everything else works. Its just the actual reporting of the contact state. Really strange. I've gone though the obvious and excluded it and re-included it without any success.

Is the device plugged in or battery-powered? I'm not familiar with this device, but if it's battery-powered, I don't think polling will help---polling works only if the polled device is "awake" to respond to the poll, while battery-powered devices are "asleep" most of the time to conserve battery power.

It’s plugged in.

Got it. What driver are you using?

The built in one.

There's a hot fix for 2.1.7 that will be out in a few hours to resolve this.

Awesome Mike. Thanks for the fix and the response.

If you could just verify that this fixes your issue, that would be great, thanks.

Will do. When I get home tonight I will look into it. Thanks again.

Success! I got it to work after the hub update. I should note for others that it was not an immediate fix following the hub update though. At first it still did not report the contact state so I tried excluding the device and re-including it. That did not work either. What had to be done was to cycle through the contact states of the triggering device and trigger both open and closed. Once I did that it started reporting again.

Thanks again Mike!

Just setup a new Mimo2+ and I’m seeing the same issue. Don’t know if this problem is driver specific but my MIMOLite is still working. The Mimo2+ doesn’t report the contact states.

I am showing similar contact state issues with the Dome Mouser. Was not updating status even when it was triggering...could toggle it open and close with the power switch to get it to report after some fiddling but seems less reliable than before the updates. Could be coincidence? Is this something that needs to be looked at @mike.maxwell in the same vein as the mimolite and aeotec doorbell?

Is there a resolution to this yet? Support was supposed to be working on an update to resolve this.

Looks like the current hub update still does not resolve this. I’ve also not received and update on my support ticket.

can you tell me the specific preferences you're using?
using the default settings my contacts are updating correctly...

I just checked and everything is set with the default preferences.

The drivers does not show any status other than Tamper being clear.

Does the device have two child cevices?

Yes it does.

I just turned on the debug logging which showed in the logs and opened / closed one of the contacts. Nothing else showed in the logs so no indication in the contact change.