Contact+motion sensor: best app for control light

I have one door sensor + two motion sensors controlling a light.

I need turn on the light when wherever these sensors are trigged (contact and motion) and keep the light on while one of these sensors continue enabled.

What the best app to use it?

I'm trying Room Lightning, however, unfortunately, it needs all sensors be trigged to really turn lights on.

Room Lighting does need some "activation" event to turn the lights on, but I'm confused: how do you want it to turn the lights on if not for one of these? It can't know what you're thinking. :slight_smile:

Additionally, from your other post, it seems like maybe you managed to get something set up in the meantime. Is that app working how you want?

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Whether you want to use Room Lighting or Rule Machine (based on your post last night), both will accomplish what you want. For example, this Room Lighting

is basically the same as this Rule Machine

Which one you prefer is up to you.

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Tks. I I'm using the Room Lightning, it's easier than Rule Machina.

This is what I did here.

Basically I want any sensor (contact or motion) turn on the lights and keep it on while sensor is open or detecting motion. After 2min of motion/closed, turn off the lights.

I think it will work for what I want.

Another question, is it possible to keep the light always on if I turn it on manually using switch? By pass turn off automation.

What you have should work; though, it's cleaner if you change your limits to my suggestion. From the documents (Room Lighting | Hubitat Documentation):

Waiting for both motion inactive and contact closed before Turning Off

If both "motion stays inactive" and "contact stays closed" means are selected, an option is presented that allows for waiting until the time and conditions for both have run their course before turning off. The longer of the two times selected is used.

What type of light or switch are you using?

I'm using a Girier relay to turn on lamps

Unfortunately, without a dimming function in that relay (looks like that relay only supports on/off), there isn't a way of manually overriding Room Lighting at the switch. If you have a button device or could control a virtual switch in some way, it would be possible to override the motion/contact rules.


This is how I set up now:

You need to add the limit "waiting for both motion inactive and contact closed"; otherwise, Room Lighting will turn off the light with whichever happens first.

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Tks again haha.