Connect my Aqara E1 shades to hubitat E7

Hello all.
Im new to this & have just received my hubitat e7 & would appreciate any advice on how to connect my Aqara E1 shades to the hubitat E7?

Ive managed to add the Aqara shades & the aqara mini switch to the hubitat without the aqara hub ut im having trouble with making the blinds work.

Thank you for reading & i look forward to any help in resolving this.

You may want to look at this thread.

Did you ever get it working? If so, details?

I've tried to use the latest driver I could find from Oh La Labs, but no joy.

I ended up deploying Home Assistant on my QNAP NAS via a docker instance and it paired up with no issues.

Seeing all the integrations that HA already has vs Hubitat, I'm considering selling my C8 and slowly migrating to HA.

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