Congrats to the HE team!

Geofencing is working!
Haven't had one missed incident since the previous release came out!
I have 3 ways to check the fence, Alexa, HomeKit and Hubitat.
Hubitat has beaten them all every time since the update.
Time for all of you people that rely on a web geofence to come back now.


Are you using the new iOS beta app?

No, I never was able to get the beta app.
Maybe I didn't understand how.

If you have an iOS device, there isn’t much required to use the beta app.

Click the link in the post below from your iPhone to download the app in TestFlight, the iOS platform for beta apps.

Note that since it’s a beta app, unexpected behavior, bugs or even app crashes can happen.

So if you’re seeing better performance with your geofence using the most recent public iOS app, you might be content to wait til version 2 of the app comes out of beta.

I thought I was fairly apt in the computer side, and I got TestFlight downloaded, but when it came to getting the beta, it just didn't make sense.

You just click the link while on your phone and it adds it to the Test Flight app.

-- Join the Hubitat Elevation beta - TestFlight - Apple

The geofence seems to work pretty good on the new app as well, when its not crashing as it is right now. Waiting for next build.