Confusion with motion lighting app

I have my motion lighting app dimming my familiy room to 30% from 11pm to 5am. Delay off for 3 minutes.

Then I have a motion lighting app dimming my family room light to 100% from 5am to 11pm. Delay off for 10 minutes.

Problem is now it's turning off after 3 minutes. Can't see anything wrong with the way I wrote the rules. Anyone see anything or know why it's doing it.

I would say it is the overlapping rules causing it. This is a great use case for Modes like we discussed in your other thread.

The motion is acting upon the turn off rules as they aren't restricted. The only restriction you put in place is turn on.

I don't know if "Don't Turn Off Between Two Times" in the "Options for Additional Sensors, Lights-Off and Off options" section would help or not. I would start by using that restriction and see what happens.

So how does a mode get triggered?

Many or most people use Mode Manager to set the mode depending upon sunrise/sunset etc. I use Rule Machine to set modes, as I found it more reliable for my particular situation.

Once you have these modes, you just select it in the Motion Lighting. You can reuse modes everywhere which is very handy.

This is a perfect example of stuff that tries my patience.
There was a toggle there, I toggled it now its gone. How do I toggle it again.

Oh and again something that should be so simple, has turned into a 2 hour deal. With no end in sight.

Hmm, that is weird. I don't use Mode Manager, so I might not be the best one to answer that.

But I would think that either doing a Save/Done and going back in to MM should do something? Either that I probably would delete the app and reinstall it. I have seen that advice given for when Mode Manager is really messed up.

Hopefully someone more well versed with Mode Manager (or it's quirks) can help...

That was in the motion lighting app. I just deleted it and re did it.

Opps, I didn't look close enough! I saw modes, and my brain jumped right to Mode Manager.

Did that help?

No, just back to where I started.
Not real sure what to do at this point. Might just scrap the whole thing.
It's beginning to consume way to much of my time. Not real sure why I have not been able to wrap my head around all this. ■■■■ makes me wanna scream. You have been most helpful though.

What is your day and home 95 mean?
Night and Home 30 mean?

Those are the light dimming levels. I.E. 30% dimming at night. (Night Mode)

Ok, let's back up a bit.

  • Did you get modes set up? (Assuming that is what you are trying to use in Motion Lighting)
  • Where are you getting stuck in Motion Lighting?

Yup got a day mode that starts at 5 am and a night mode that starts at 11pm
Im not sure where to insert the modes.

I think this might be scenes not modes. Or this is a different version than I have. I don't have the option within lights on to set any modes, only scenes.


So you made your rule, picked a motion sensor, and a dimmer.

I then toggled the "Per Mode" and for some reason it disappeared on me too. Bug maybe?

But when I went back into the light this is what I see.

By golly I think I might of got it. Any way to test it?

It is daytime, so it should turn on if you trigger that motion. You can go to settings tab, and change the modes manually there and try that too.

Okay, thats what I'm still confused about. It's in the night mode. How do I tell it to be in day mode without doing anyting? I just came in and the lights were dimmed to 30%.

So i went in to modes and set it to day mode, so now when 11pm rolls around will it just go into night mode itself?

If you manually changed the mode, you have to manually change it back to "Day". It doesn't continually watch and change it back if it is incorrect. It only triggers when you tell it to, in your case at 11 PM and 5 AM.

It should.