Confusion on OTA Updates with S2

I have read too many posts now and am hoping someone can give me a little clearer procedure for this.

Its my understanding that the Device Updater will not work with S2 paired Zwave devices. Assuming that is true is there any way for me to take the device out, repair/update it without s2, and then put it back without breaking all the automations and setup for that device?


If it's not device with parent/child devices (i.e., just a single device in your list), then Swap Apps Device should work. You can either leave the "original" device in-place on your hub or swap it out with a virtual device temporarily, then swap the new one in for that.

Or you could just try the "community" updater (or this fork) instead of the app and leaving the pairing as-is if you wanted a potentially easier option to try first.

There's even a third option, the Z-Wave "Replace" feature, but this has been trickier for me to use reliably. However, it's an option, similar to the first but at the Z-Wave level (re-using the node ID for inclusion) rather than the hub level, and it could also work.


Thanks - I had not stumbled on that fork. I tried the community updater but it didnt work. I will go give that a try. Sure would beat having to remove the device. It does have child devices so it will be a pain.

Thanks again

The Community Updater failed also but the Switch Apps Device ended up working great for me. Thanks again

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