Complete Zigbee failure

Anyone run into a complete Zigbee failure on a C8? Short of a complete radio reset, nothing has done anything. All 36 devices dropped entirely offline.

Were things running OK for a while before this?

Any changes to your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network recently?

Have you tried shutting down (Settings>Shut Down), unplug/wait a minute, and then restarting your hub?

No changes, Wifi is 3 Unifi AP's that are channel locked at 1/6/11. And yep, tried shutting it down, as well as a firmware update today.

I've also tried every option on the zigbee screen to see if I could prod it into doing something. Tried channel changes, power changes, rebuild, etc... Nothing brings it back to life. (The last thing I tried was a channel change a couple days ago)

On Zigbee try:

  • Rebuild Network

When that's done

  • Reboot Radio

May not help, won't hurt if you do it in that order. (There may be some potential issues w/just doing a Rebuild).

Tried in that order, no change. Should note that the radio status is ONLINE, so it at least thinks it is there. All 36 devices still show N/A, 0 messages.

If you do a reset/re-join w/one of the Zigbee devices, does it rejoin succesfully and work properly? Don't remove the device, just do the normal reset action on the device and then turn on Zigbee pairing.

not at the site until Monday so will have to try again.

Just noticed something else interesting... In the latest firmware, there is a 'scan channels' option on the zigbee screen. On my failed c8, it returns almost instantly with zero's everywhere. (no where near enough time to even read the warning that it will take a minute) My working C8 (different location) takes a minute as advised before returning a status screen.

More telling is the result of the scan. The working C8 lists itself in the scan. The non-working C8 has absolutely nothing for any channel.

Sounds like a @bobbyD thing

Yes, could be.

That is interesting.

To speed things along, @user3909 send a PM to @support_team with your hub's UID (from Settings>Hub Details) and reference this topic so they have your info if they need to access the hub's engineering logs.

Also, if you have a moment, this will improve your experience here...and help others helping you. :slight_smile:

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This sounds like a rare hardware issue. Please see my private message.


You've really made it difficult to find a stable zigbee channel with that config.

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I've been running Smartthings since nearly the beginning, and converted to a C7 back in October of last year after of the API changes. Both those platforms were rock solid, but the C8 has always been a little twitchy until this complete failure. I don't have many wifi devices on 2.4ghz though, so luckily there isn't that much traffic other than beacons. Almost everything is running on 5ghz.

I may look at spinning down 2.4 on one of the AP's though, I don't need the coverage/capacity on that band.

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If you can restrict the 2.4ghz band to channel 1 & 6, your Zigbee would be happier. And if you pick a higher Zigbee channel, your bulbs will be happier. With that being said, severe interference rarely causes total Zigbee meltdown, but it could certainly cause some devices to frequently stop working or drop off completely.

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Other things to check on your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi:

  • Channel width 20MHz
  • Power set no higher than medium

Aside from reducing the number of channels you're using, those settings should help reduce potential Wi-Fi interference w/your Zigbee.

Even if you have a HW failure in this case, modifying your settings should help when you get things back online again. :slight_smile:

And don't forget to pick a cool name when you have a spare moment. :slight_smile: