Complaints process?

I reported an issue where the update firmware feature was not behaving as expected and bricked my zigbee device - a member of staff was bizarrely defensive and rude to me about it (I was not asking for anything other than diagnosis of the problem to see if it can be prevented in future and from happening to others).

Is there a complaints process?

You think someone stating the facts exactly as they are is "bizarrely defensive and rude"?

Do you realize there is nothing/nada/zilch Hubitat could have done to prevent this from happening? The issue is with the device and it's manufacturer. Your ire is misplaced/misdirected.


(1) You think saying the opposite of the truth is stating facts?

(2) We spoke in private messaging after this which you weren't party to, so not sure why you're giving that response which has not answered my question

Thank you, though?

I'm the complaint department. Please provide the details, by PM if inappropriate for public forum.


Just reading thru this and seeing if I can neutrally understand:

  • Third-party Zigbee device firmware update was attempted.
  • Hubitat firmware updater acts as a gopher between the third-party device and what the known source of the third-party firmware source is.
  • Hubitat firmware updater does a check on versions, if third-party source has a newer version (it's not examining code, it's simply comparing version numbers) then that firmware update is allowed to proceed. If not, then it is refused.
  • Hubitat firmware updated doesn't have anything to do with the firmware code or the device, both are third-party.

Reading thru the response from the Staff member it was correct though, perhaps, a little bluntly phrased.

Something people forget about electronic communication is that the writer writes it in THEIR current frame of mind whilst the reader reads it in THEIR current frame of mind - and the two may be polar opposite at any given time.

What's funny or direct to the writer may fall just the opposite to the reader. It happens.

I do think the OP either didn't grasp the facts that Hubitat has zero control over the firmware or the device as both are third-party creations - that is, correctly, where the blame should fall, on the third-party.

Hopefully the OP has reached taken up the offer to provide details as requested and all ruffled feathers are smoothed and the OP has contacted the actual culprit, the third-party whose device this is. It would be good to know the outcome of that.


I think the OP is referring to this -

"It's not possible to brick a device using the device updateFirmware command.........."

Which may have led to a false sense of security.


@jimhim possible that wording could be more succinct - there may also be other wording elsewhere pointing out that this doesn't cover any issues with the actual third-party code/device. If not, perhaps that should be more plainly stated.

ie: "Don't kill the messenger when the package is bad."


I really appreciate your polite input.

I do understand that Hubitat doesn't have control over 3rd party controllers or the software that they use. I felt this was clear and some other users in the thread seemed to understand when they said to the staff member "pretty sure there's no beef over $20" - After I was accused of 'having beef'. It just wasn't constructive.

Then he was having a go about the use of the term "push" - a term routinely used in reference to firmware updates. Whether the hub 'pushes' the update to the device after checking it's firmware and model etc or 'sends' it, making it about that is just pedantic and odd.

And then you have people like @aaiyar still arguing that it's impossible to brick a device with the UpdateFirmware command - which in itself is bizarre as it's already been proven wrong.

Jimhim - you're completely right, that is the sentence I was bringing up - it had proven to be incorrect in the real world - and This is fine - it should just be acknowledged, and future advice corrected and moved on from, surely?

Instead, the member of staff during private messaging between him and I said to me "Seriously dude?...How was I supposed to know...?" - and I explained, he didn't have to. But now he does. So it's just not about blame - it was about raising awareness of the problem and seeing if there was a solution

@gwp1 - I hope the explanation clears up I'm not trying to kill the messenger, you've essentially phrased what I was saying in a nutshell - There wasn't any other wording pointing it out where there probably should be if the problem can't be fixed on Hubitat's side (And I feel the need to acknowledge again, it is a problem, but I'm not saying it's Hubitat's fault or the fault of the staff member who inadvertently gave the incorrect advice).

Did you actually read what I wrote? Or are you just free-wheeling?

What I wrote was - your device being bricked is something to take up with the device’s manufacturer. There is nothing Hubitat could have done differently to prevent it. And therefore you should direct your ire elsewhere.

Is this clearer now?


@aaiyar Wrong, unfortunately - I'm surprised you argued about a fact that was proven wrong and now you're denying even saying it even though it's at the top of this very thread. Again - a bit odd. Then switching between saying you stand by it - when its author has already disowned it. The only person you're showing up by trolling, is yourself.

Very unhelpful.

I stand by everything I’ve written.

The facts are there is nothing Hubitat could have done different in this situation. This is an issue you need to pursue with the manufacturer of your device. Presumably, they’re also responsible for the firmware.

You seem to be obsessed with the desire to be “right”. You’re not; get over it.