Updating firmware on Zigbee Devices (cont'd)

@mike.maxwell How to update firmware on Zigbee devices using Hubitat? - #2 by mike.maxwell

Is there an overview/list of devices that can be updated directly from hubitat or have firmware in the hubitat repository?

there isn't as the files are stored using manufacturerID-deviceTypeID-firmware, so unfortunately we don't have a database that maps these to a common name.

@mike.maxwell Well… maybe that would be a suggestion then for the roadmap. Buying into well supported and updatable hardware is a spearhead for many smart home users and tinkerers. Many of us look into the supported device lists first to find out what works best before buying and this would be just one more unique capability / selling point for Hubitat.

Just my two cents…


2 more cents....of support to bringing more organization and visibility to this for the common class of user.

As we all know, the "rush to market" causes a lot of stuff to come out half baked. So updating firmware is more important than ever.

I've known the HE firmware updating feature has been there (thanks Mike et. al.) but I haven't known where to go to know if my devices have firmware that HE can upload successfully (without bricking it).

So this "key feature" of HE is more or less lost on me unless I'd happen into a Post/Thread where others are talking about doing the update on a particular device to fix something.

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One of the reasons that we implemented the Zigbee process in the way that we did was to prevent this from happening.
It's not possible to brick a device using the device updateFirmware command.
The manufacturer, model ID and existing firmware of the device is inspected and if a match is found with a newer firmware version, then the device is updated, otherwise we bail with a log entry that the device is up to date.



Can tou the maybe give us an example of a brand for which HE supports firmware updates (if and when available)?

Of course we all like the brick prevention checks and the drop logs, but now the next step fur us users (and beta daredevils) is to find devices which we can check for updates instead of randomly going though our lists of attached devices….

I remember that this is how i stumbled on the update for the HE internal Zwave radio… while scrolling through the settings and more or less stumbling on the update button (that of course disappeared after the successfull update never to be found again until the next random visit)

Philips, Osram, Aurora, axis, frient, ikea, innr, inovelli, sengled and thirdReality.

But to be honest unless told by the manufacturer that there's a firmware update, and unless that firmware update fixes an issue that you are having I wouldn't update anything...

We had a recent case where an update actually caused more issues than it fixed...





Much appreciated. This might solve some issues for those of us not having a hub from the manufacturar like Ikea or Innr but do own one or some of their devices.

If used with caution with the tips you gave this is actually very usefull.


oooooh, ahhhheye get it now.

The option to update the firmware doesn't even show in the driver panel unless there IS one, that IS a match, and IS update-able.

So then the next thing I'm gonna ask...without reading the instructions (shame)....can I get a little flag or something on the device listing telling me what devices COULD be updated if I so choose without opening every one of them up.

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I wish we were that clever, but such is not the case.
The command is added to drivers that support devices where we do have an available update. So the command is there, but the verification is done after the command is executed, not when the device is initially included.

This isn't possible currently without a significant level of overhead and cloud resource usage.

Again, device firmware updates shouldn't be a normal maintenance operation.


I understand... and maybe that's back to OP's idea of a master list but I get that maintaining that would be a royal PITA.

There is of course the minor issue that a lot of manufacturers follow the android market update approach. IE tell you there's an update but completely forget to tell you what the update does. (Smartlife used that to add charges by stealth into the app a few months ago.)

Smartlife comes to mind, although that does depend on supplier under its aegis (some suppliers good, some bad). Broadlink are good, Switchbot are good. I don't really have any expertise with other suppliers gear.

BTW anyone else run into electricians who throw a wobbler when the words "home automation" are mentioned and refuse the job?

PS. Odd Hub issue. Logs > single item > end of listing and there's a "more information" tab at the end. I've never ever managed to get more information, even when I know theres more info.

This Tuya firmware for the TS011F / TZ3000


This solves an issue where Tuya TS011F / TZ3000 Zigbee plugs that seem to randomly turn off.

And @mike.maxwell, am i correct to understand that the hub must be integrated in cloud services? It will not work locally?

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The hub must be registered, subscriptions are not required.


Can this be made available through the platform?

That'd be useful because I have several of these and the only way they'll pick up that update (and I'm having the problem, caused by spurious overvolt shutdown) on plugs I need to be permanently on.
The easiest way at the moment is to pair them with smartlife - get the firmware - re associate with Hubitat and then de bugger up everything the changes you made have interfered with...

I've at least 6 that need this update and wouldn't have been a problem if I'd done things the slow way and done a firmware update before connecting them to Hubitat..


Hi @RosieUK i have updated one as a test and so far the upgrade worked through Hubitat and the outlet works fine so far.

Send me a PM if you want to try this too, maybe i can help you along (the lame helping the blind :upside_down_face::sunglasses:)

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@RosieUK good news, the update is now available. I have been testing it with Nous Zigbee 16A plugs and a Tuya Blue ring 16A version

Ive got three and they are all updated to firmware version 192.

If someone needs help, let me know

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I found a firmware version for the Moes zigbee 3.0 TRV (TS0601)

Version 115

Version 117

Would you add these to the repo?

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I can only add one, presumably you want me to add the latest one correct?

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