[Comments & Feedback] Most Popular Contact Sensors in 2023

+1, I love these. My only gripe is the batteries only last 6 months for me, but well worth it for the temp sensor. And I use one on my garage for the title sensor.

I'm tight and hate changing batteries.

Had these running for years.





I'm not paying 20 quid per sensor and checking the batteries every few months to check to see everything's still working. Been there and done that with smartthings and a handful of zigbee modules. All gone in the bin now.

Where did you buy them?

Put in a few more zigbee repeaters. May help that. Mine last about a year.

Sadly, they are no longer available. The last large batch around was at a liquidator in 2020.

You can sometimes find them on Amazon and Ebay. I bought one last December from Amazon. It just needed a new battery and paired easily.

Got one of these to try and it is working very nicely...too early to confirm long-term battery life (so far so good), stays on my C8 mesh and reports quickly/reliably. It's nice and small, less obtrusive than most. I originally ordered it on Amazon/US, but I don't see it there now.

SONOFF is coming with a new Zigbee Water Leak Sensor | SNZB-05P :

The optional kit seems interesting.
It is expected to work OK with the HE inbuilt driver.

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A sensor with a long cable for less than $20? Awesome! Too bad about the weird battery though.

What's wrong w/the 2477 they use? 4 to 5 years of battery life is pretty great. That size is readily available, at least via Amazon/US, don't know about other areas.



I didn't read far enough to see the battery life, that makes the odd battery less of a hassle for sure.