Color Temperature Over Time Doesn't Work

I recently updated to 2.8 and I found that the dimmer, change color temperature over time action doesn't work with rule machine 5.0. That is, the action doesn't have any effect.

I think it's a bug since it works with rule machine 4.1.

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I believe this has been identified, and will be in a upcoming release. See the linked thread for details...

Thanks so much!

This Change Color Temperature over Time bug has been fixed in latest release, However, you will have to edit the action and reenter its parameters due to the fix wiping them out.

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I just updated and it worked!


Initial observations with Eaton Halo RL5601, Type = Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev):
CT is now updating once per minute in my logs. I have descriptive text logging enabled, but this appears to be new.

What appears to be new?

The once per minute updating:

I am only updating a hub variable (not a device) and it appears to be updating correctly (only showing events when the color temperature changes).

I'm sorry, I'm completely missing the context of your comments. Is this related to the Rule 5.0 action of Change Color Temperature over time? If so, please show the rule in question.

My confusion, not yours. I saw CT over time and, and completely missed that the scope was specific to RM5. I will take this else where :slight_smile: