Color Changing Effects

I just got some Sengled Color bulbs and light strip and now the downstairs is my wife's rainbow dream!

Is there any guide on a way to have all my lights cycle through colors together so they are constantly changing as a group?

You can simply use the Hubitat built-in "Groups and Scenes" App to create a group of all of your bulbs/strips. Be sure to enable the Zigbee Group Messaging feature, as this will prevent the popcorn effect. Once you have a Group created, a new "Group Device" will appear in your list of devices. Use this one device to control all of the rest of the bulbs/strips.

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I’ve done that, but what I want is for them all to transition “automagically”.

Like just have it rotate colors on its own every few seconds or so. More of a party trick then a need.

(This is something the wife wants VERY much so I’m trying to justify this smart home obsession)

I have not used this app yet,but maybe this is what you are looking for?

I am using that app for my Osram garden spot lights and it's working like a charm.