Cocohue hub c8

Just upgraded to c8 everything went well, but now i cant add or delete ane hue devices they never populate in the drop down list. However the do show up as child devices.
No adds or deletes seem possible???????

The dropdowns are for adding new devices. To delete one, you can just do it from the device detail page. If you have a new device you're not seeing, chances are you've already added it, and it will appear in the list at the bottom (check both the Hue and Hubitat names, both of which are displayed there; devices are matched up by Hue ID regardless of name).

Tried i deleted one instance of my cocohue app and reinstalled no devices populate,
Im currently running 3 bridges.
I can see the hue bridge i link to it and a child device is created for the bridge but no devices populate.

Providing a screenshot might make things clearer. But the first thing I'd do is check "Logs" for errors, which I suspect there will be and will provide clues.

Devices do not populate in cocohue
They will in hue but need the functionality of cocohue

None of the screenshots you provided are of logs, which I suspect will be the most helpful:

(But if you haven't tried the "Refresh" button in the app, you can also see if that helps.)

I am not able to reproduce this problem. I suggest removing the app, removing and re-adding all CoCoHue apps and drivers (preferably via HPM or the bundle rather than manually, if that's not what you were doing), setting up the app again, and seeing if the problem persists. If so, enabling all debug logging in both apps and drivers (but especially the bridge driver that appears to be the one throwing this error) would be the most helpful.

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Can you provide a link for the most recent cocohue ??
Ill remove and reinstall and hope for the best however this is not my first choice for a solution since there are over 150 hue bulbs in use and the integration with lutron pico remotes is all done in hubitat.
All rules and sequences will have to be re written after a removal and re installation.

Sounds like a long weekend

Installation links and instructions are in the first post in this topic:

I would strongly encourage you to use Hubitat Package Manager or the "Bundle" (ZIP file) installation method, eliminating both the tedious process of manually installing every app and driver file as well as the possibility of errors resulting from mistakes there.

If you already have devices added, I'd consider starting by just checking that you have the right app and driver files (and are up to date). If not, you can add a separate instance of CoCoHue and see if anything changes just to test--you don't need to remove the one you have to do that. Finally, if there are still problems, I would again need the requested log entries to troubleshoot.



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