Cobra-Apps Website is now open

Hey Andy. I had previously signed up for an account, but don't seem to have a password. I've tried forgot, and it says it's emailed me, but not as far as I can tell...

How should I go about getting the password reset, etc?

Have you checked your spam folder?

yes... I haven't looked at the mail logs yet...

Maybe the mail server on site end isn't resending the message when greylisting says "unavailable"?

Disabling greylisting didn't help. Seems like mail server isn't actually sending out my reset info...

Hi @Cobra have you seen anything from @staze?

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I just reset your password so you should get an email in a few minutes.
There is a link to ‘activate’ the password in the email

I have just reset one of my accounts and got the email so we know the system is working.


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@Cobra I was denied access to your site but the message is a bit confusing, what’s the best way to resolve? Want to check out your great work and start using it on my hub, I used some of your ST apps before I migrated to Hubitat about a year ago

Please don't take this personally. Judging from the positive posts I'm seeing I don't think this is anything malicious or anything like that. But why would I register an account on a random site that doesn't tell me anything about what's behind the wall?


I’ll have a look for you this morning


What are you concerned about?

Me personally? Nothing really. Again... I'm not saying anything bad against Cobra. But password reuse is a huge deal. It would be super easy to make a malicious site that says "register for an account for access to awesome stuff" and then collect usernames and passwords to see how many email accounts I can now access. That's just the first thing that comes into mind. I use a password manager, so I wouldn't worry about that.

@Cobra thanks for the link that has a preview. I'd suggest making a section on your website with a brief description and some of those screenshots. Register now to get access to blah blah blah. I know, ultimately, even that can be easily faked and at some point there's this inherent level of trust that you're not a malicious actor. That's what this community is for.

As someone that works in IT, my default is to not trust random links and assume the worst. I might even register myself and check it out :slight_smile:

I did start to write some explanation, including that the site generates your initial password.
(so I couldn't possibly know any of your own) and that you should use a 'throw away' email address provided by many websites.
Also, my justification in hiding the contents until you have been accepted as a member.

Then I decided that I don't really need to explain or justify what I do here or on my website.
(Providing that I cause no harm to others - Which I hope is the case)

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I agree that clicking on random links from an unsolicited/unknown source, then creating an account with a reused password, would be a very bad idea in general.

Except that‘s not even remotely similar to this case...



The site probably automatically refused you because you have only been a member of this forum for a very short time.
If you register again I will override the defaults and manually authorise you membership.


Ah - ok just reapplied...thanks!

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Approved :slight_smile:


If you have landed at that website, then you must have read the posts in the HE community as it isn't promoted elsewhere. We addressed password questions here, in the "official" opening post.


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I pointed my brother to your website as he needs simple to use solutions. He was unable to register as he is not a member of this community and that seems to be a prerequisite. Unfortunate.

Can you let me know his username? Then ask him to register again?

I tried again to take a look at cobra-apps. Is there a community somewhere? Is hard to know what might be there. Genuinely interested.

The only thing I've been able to see is a registration page and a license agreement. (Typo in last paragraph).