Cloud Dashboard switch update/refresh issues

I just noticed this today. Is there perhaps an issue with the cloud dashboards? Local dashboards work without issue.

Virtual Switch being pressed but no update unless I reload the dashboard. Notice I’m pressing the bottom button several times with no status change other than first press.

Same with real switches. Hourglass just stays there until I reload the dashboard.

I have noticed this also. It started with the 2.08 update.

I also see this behavior with Motion Sensors and Contact Sensors.
It just appears that the cloud dashboards are not updating until reloaded.

I also see this behavior.

Has been acked - at least for mode and HSM tiles

Cloud dashboard refresh should be fixed now.

Still takes 8 seconds to reflect the change and update the color of the switch. I don’t have that delay with SharpTools. It’s a virtual switch which should almost be instant.

There is a polling interval in Options, which is defaulted to 5 seconds. The reason Sharptools is "fast" is it doesn't wait to confirm the change. Dashboard waits to confirm the change so you notice the polling interval.


I thought this was fixed.
Since the last 2 hotfix updates, the cloud dashboards don’t appear to be updating again unless you manually refresh.
Anyone else still having this issue or is it just me?

Seeing the same issue since the most recent update, cloud dashboard previously refreshed as expected.

Please check again, this issue should be resolved.

Just to be clear, the current version of waits for the actual device state change before displaying an updated status.

The command is sent and then the tile updates when it actually gets the new state pushed over from the hub. :smiley:

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That's what I thought, but wasn't 100% sure, so wasn't going to argue. :smile:

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So why doesn’t the dashboard do this?

Hubitat Dashboard doesn't cache your device events in the cloud. We poll to get status of devices to keep things in sync.

Are you referring to the built-in Hubitat dashboard? As @patrick alluded to, the built-in Hubitat dashboards fall back to polling for status updates every few seconds when using the cloud links.

When using the built-in HE dashboards via the local links, your HE dashboard can access a websocket connection that runs on the hub which allows them to push event updates from the hub to your browser.

With, all the events are pushed from your hub to SharpTools and down to your browser - acting a bit like a relay of sorts.

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As @josh has pointed out, we don't implement any cloud storage or caching of your device data. Sharptools has a server that is receiving the data from the hub on every single event for subscribed devices. They then relay those changes to the dashboard.

With this said, Hubitat Dashboard will have a change to how commands are being sent coming up that will improve the perception of how long it takes to update.

Polling serves 2 purposes. 1) to get updates for things that changed in the background or outside of dashboard. ex. someone manually turns on a light.

and 2) to update and confirm a change has been made by a command sent from the dashboard.

Both these, prior to 2.0.9 used the same polling / check.

Coming up in 2.0.9 the command action, on/off, open/close, lock/unlock will have a separate short wait to see if the device updated and then fall back to the normal polling.

This will solve a couple reported issues.


Great! Glad it’s being considered/addressed! Keep up the good work.