Cloud dashboard link is default instead of local link

It seems as though since the last update when you go to the main Dashboard page the link to child dashboards is now set for the cloud instead of local dashboards. Did something change?

Which link are you referring to?

This one

Odd, mine is local. What version are you on and what browser / os?



And what happens if you open it in an incognito window?

Also, any errors in the javascript console? "F12"

And then in this test it went to local in the logged in instance of Chrome.

So, it works in incognito and now in Chrome with debugging on?

If you can reproduce the state where it defaults to Cloud, please let me know.

In the instance where it went to the main local dashboard when I went to a child dashboard and returned to the main dashboard, it went back to the cloud even though it started at the local version. And that was with debugging still on.

Yes, that is a known issue. The dashboard return arrow is to the cloud version of the menu at this time.

Seemed like that had been resolved for the past few releases, no?

Nope, its always gone to the cloud menu. However, if you use the dashboard link it will go to the local version.

Still poking around to find out if my stored links have somehow been changed from local to cloud. Would you expect this link to be cloud or local?![2018-12-04%2011_54_06-

That remains a link to the cloud as well. The local=true/false isn't used at this point.

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I removed the image you posted. it had the full link to your cloud dashboard.

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I appear to be experiencing the same issue? Default Dashboard links are to cloud rather than local (or does the house icon indicate that I'm currently using local dashboards)?


Once I click the house icon, everything works fine - until the page is refreshed and it defaults back to cloud links.

The system is on the same subnet as my C-7 (v2.2.6.140). Running latest version of Firefox. Private mode yields the same results. I've rebooted my C-7.

How do I configure Hubitat to use local Dashboard links rather than cloud?

Sorry I don’t have an answer but this thread is two years old, and neither Patrick nor Chuck still work for Hubitat. I’d consider starting a new thread for help troubleshooting.

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Have you tried rebooting the hub?