Cloud Connection May Become Unavailable after Oct 1st

@bobbyD does the C-5 need to be updated as well? I installed one at my parents that is running right now and is on a network without internet access so I don't think I could get it upgraded by Oct 1st. What options would there be for getting an updated firmware if someone doesn't upgrade to by the 1st of Oct?


The distrusted certificates will only affect the previous models (C-3 & C-4). We have an alternative solution if someone doesn't get to update before October 1st.

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Do you plan on sending an email to owners? Because not everybody is on this forum.

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So what is the alternative solution and when will the update be out? I don't see anything on my side as of 5 mins ago

According to this Cloud Connection May Become Unavailable [UPDATE REQUIRED]

As long as you on the current latest you should be fine.

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It came out 22 days ago.

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yes TY, I updated when it came out, wasn't aware of the cert issue

I'm good :slight_smile:


Here are the steps to update your hub after October 1, 2019. This is available only for hubs running versions prior to

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