Cloud backup failure causes Z-Wave radio to go offline

If a reboot resolves the problem, then the Z-Wave wasn't offline. Only a power cycle brings the radio back online, if it failed to start.


As I recall, when it first happened to me, a reboot brought some of the devices back, but a shutdown/power cycle was needed to bring it all of the way back. I've only done that when it happens now.

This is only empirical, not theoretical. :slight_smile:

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Strangely, most things came back online, except my sensors and a few other items - they would not come back without powering down my hub.

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If some devices are working, it's not the radio, it's the mesh. If no devices are working, then that is likely the radio, but not always :slight_smile:


Has anything changed to cloud backups recently? My last two manual cloud backups have failed apparently and one of them caused the z-wave problem again.

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No core code changes, but we have enhanced the user interface to better inform users when a backup fails and what component. Unfortunately, the Z-Wave backup failure is a known issue that affects a small number of hubs. Our engineers are looking for a permanent solution, but we do not have a time frame when it will be fixed.

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Hasn't happened in a while for me, knock on wood.

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I've updated to the latest firmware and performed a manual cloud backup which was successful. I've now also re-enabled scheduled backups too which seem to be good so far. I"m not that worried by it now that I know it's easy to fix by just shutting the hub down for a minute or so.

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It is still very inconvenient for those who experience this issue, as they can wake up with a non-functional Z-Wave radio. Resolving this for good and for all, is a high priority. We really appreciate everyone's patience and understanding.


My coffee maker is controlled by a z-wave plug. This morning was a little more than an inconvenience! :wink:


Besides the no morning Java for you, I am wondering why file manager failed. Mind sending me a PM with your hub id?

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Sure, thanks!

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Funnily enough I spoke too soon in my previous post. Mine has the exact same error message and z-wave was down again.

The horror!! :scream: :scream: :scream:

Starting a go-fund-me for you right now, don't worry, we'll raise the money for a Starbucks card, I swear it!! :wink:


It wasn't pretty. I awoke and wondered where the aroma of a fresh brew was. Seconds later, was greeted with, "Honey, the bathroom lights aren't working."

"Did you forget how to use a f#$%ing switch?" was not what I wanted to say but what defensively came out of my mouth. Oops!


Oops indeed!

Been there, said something sort of like that (though not quite as direct) and it was not pretty. Burned hand learns best...I'm inflicting my hobby on her, so I need to cut her more slack. :slight_smile:


"It's the winter solstice, don't you know? The darkest night of the year (for a little longer)!"


Well, @bobbyD , knocking on wood was the kiss of death. :slight_smile:

I have Pushover notifications as well as voice announcements via Ecolink Chime/Siren.
My phone is on Do Not Disturb overnight, and, thankfully, I did not hear the voice announcements.
I think I'm going to disable that overnight as well. :slight_smile:

Having the spare C7 hub help out and power cycle after the C8 shuts down leads to a painless experience...if I can't hear the announcements. If I do, I get curious, and next thing I'm on the phone checking on what went wrong in the early early morning.

Same error as noted abovem post-cloud backup., C-8



edit: .140 is providing more error info, anyway, which is a good thing.
edit2: A subsequent manual cloud backup was successful.

Also, @bobbyD , it would be nice if a location event was added for this situation.
zWaveCrash doesn't kick off here.
I do a test for a trigger which involves a zWave device not reporting for more than 32 minutes.
It would be nice if something more timely, and foolproof, was available.

There is a cloudbackup event that, while it is actually a location event, is displayed in the Hub Events tab. It will show success or failure of the cloud back up, and if it failed what areas failed.

Donโ€™t think it is available in RM yet, but I wrote a small notification app to trap it and kick out a notification.

Edit: included the code below for those not in the Beta group. Would be an easy add to set a switch or similar activity if desired.

Cloud Backup Notification
definition (
	name: 			"Cloud Backup Subscribe", 
	namespace: 		"thebearmay", 
	author: 		"Jean P. May, Jr.",
	description: 	"Subscribe to cloud backup event",
	category: 		"Utility",
	importUrl: "",
    installOnOpen:  true,
	oauth: 			false,
    iconUrl:        "",
    iconX2Url:      ""

preferences {
   page name: "mainPage"

mappings {


def installed() {
//	log.trace "installed()"
    state?.isInstalled = true

def updated(){
//	log.trace "updated()"
    if(!state?.isInstalled) { state?.isInstalled = true }
	if(debugEnable) runIn(1800,logsOff)

def initialize(){

void logsOff(){

def mainPage(){
    dynamicPage (name: "mainPage", title: "", install: true, uninstall: true) {
      	if (app.getInstallationState() == 'COMPLETE') {   
                subscribe(location, "cloudBackup", "cldBuHandler")
                input "notifyDevice", "capability.notification", title: "Notification Devices:", multiple:true

def cldBuHandler(evt){
   if(evt.value != 'true'  || evt.descriptionText.toLowerCase().contains('fail')){
        notifyDevice.each { 
            it.deviceNotification("Cloud Backup Failed on ${}")